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5 Ways To Make Your Dentist Visits Even Better

by zaines (writer), , August 16, 2016

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So. It’s that time of year again, and there’s no real way to avoid it if you want to be responsible: it’s time to go and visit your dentist. Leading dentist and expert in a variety of different dental specialisms, Dr Paige Woods, has her own dental practice that is based in San Diego and has the pleasure of seeing a lot of people on an annual or bi-annual basis, but she has noticed that there are several patients that simply do not make the most out of their visits – and then often have to come back in a few months time because they simply didn’t get everything done that they wanted to originally. Just like you would not go to the hairdressers without having any thoughts about what you have done, you can easily make your visits to the dentist a lot more productive and fun. Dr Paige Woods has talked us through the five ways that you can make your dentist visits even better, and by introducing just one of these hints and tips into your visit, you may be surprised at what a difference it makes.

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  • Be honest about any aches and pains

Yes, you may think that it’s just a slight ache, and yes, over the counter pain medication does take it away. But the underlying cause hasn’t disappeared, and that is what your dentist will want to know about in order to help you – otherwise you could find that it just develops into more of a problem that could end up being a lot more painful and expensive.

  • Don’t be shy about your personal life

If your diet has drastically changed over the last few months, or you’ve taken up smoking, or you’ve visited an exotic place recently, that that is the sort of information that your dentist also needs to hear. It may not even have a direct bearing on your teeth, but it may do, and only a fully trained dentist will be able to make that distinction.

  • Speak up if you’re not comfortable

Dr Paige Woods always encourages her patients to let her know as soon as they are in any pain or unease, because it is much better for everyone involved. She is then able to stop proceedings and help her patient be calm and comfortable, rather than suffer through something.

  • Accept any advice, even if you don’t like it

This one can be hard to swallow! We all think that we are taking (relatively) good care of our teeth, and it can be difficult to be told that we could be doing something a lot better, but now is the time to listen because if you don’t then it will only cause problems for you further down the road. Even if the advice is something that you’ve heard before, actually listening could really make a difference.

  • Ask about possible treatments now not later

Thinking about teeth whitening? Heard about dental implants or fixed/permanent dentures but want to know more? Old fashioned denture design causing problems? These are the very topics that you should be taking to your dentist about, and the longer you leave it the less time that you could enjoy the perks of these treatments! Make sure that you ask your dentist about them now so that you can enjoy yourself.

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