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by riginal (writer), moe australia, August 10, 2016

We are all different that's what makes us the same when we fly in the face of convention. Write on? :>)


Okay, settle back relax. What do you mean you don't like once- upon- a- time stories? Hell! everything starts with once-upon-a-time! Okay. Once-upon-a-time there lived atop a very tall craggy mountain a family of Bald Eagles. But that's neither here nor hair. The parents, both proud and majestic, had a son. I mean they really had ENOUGH of their son! See, son Sue-named after Dr Sue whom the parents were going to sue for delivering such a baby-entered the lofty world nest with a full head of hair and extremely short-sighted. Not good. The Doc flew off, "he's different, he'll have to cope...we all have to cope!" A cheery goodbye.

Sue was certainly different. For a start he walked everywhere. Terrified of heights. Only made one maiden flight. Disaster. See normal Eagles can see for miles. Sue, with the aid of bifocals, flew down, thought he had latched onto a large field mouse. Instead got his claws latched onto a Bison, lifted it up a fraction, dropped it. The Bison brushed the claw marks off,"bye son!" Sue walked off disgusted. As was the Bison. Wrong clause. Sue walked into his nest a day later-exhausted. His mum flapped in annoyance. Gave him a glass of water and a field mouse sandwich on rye. His father threw his tail feathers and hands in the air. "Sue you must decide on a path to squawk and walk, make something of your life...stop being so airy fairy and decide on a vocation instead of a vacation."

Sue grunted. Brushed his long hair back,scratched his beak,trudged off down to ground level where he felt safe. He walked and walked. Stumbled over a book. Sue was well read he wasn't stupid. The book was dusty,well- worn. At first he thought he had found a Bubble. But when his dyslexia settled a bit he started reading his new found Bible. Sue started to read aloud voraciously. A passing coyote stopped to listen. Soon other animals thinking like humans do, that there had been an accident, gathered. Wasn't long before the long- haired preacher anew, had an audience. The boy named Sue had found his vocation. Theatrics to a large audience and a booming voice was Sue's leaning. "Friends! Today i want you all to prey!" The animals preyed. Brought back some great catches. The congregation sat munching their prey listening intently to the sermon. "...And Danielle rose from the Lion's den he started..." that was as far as Sue got before an angry preacher intervened,snatched the Bible out of Sue's surprized hands. "You thief! That's my Bible! Pray tell been looking all over for it!" Before Sue could defend himself, the preacher stormed off. "I'll see you in the highest court of law you thieving Eagle."

Sue stood in the highest hawk of the law with his defence lawyer, Reg Dove. Things didn't look good. Judge Vulture began. "Your name is Sue how do you gonna die, what is your excuse for stealing?" What right did you have to possess this Bible? Eagles have no need of Bibles you'd better have one Hell- of- an- excuse by Heaven!" "Your honor" interrupted Defence lawyer Dove, a word in your ear sir. D Dove strode to the presiding Hawk. Whispered in the Judge's ear. He nodded "ahh i see, i see, case dismissed" roared the Judge. The astounded prosecutor sat aghast. Started to protest. Was silenced. Judge Hawk hawked. "Silence! it has been explained by the Defence that Sue Eagle is entitled to make use of the aforesaid Bible for the simple reason he is a bird of pray!" MORAL: We all get by on a wing and a prayer. And even if you don't conform to other peoples' expectations we are all fly in the face of conventional vocation expected. :>) if you want more stories let me know...and don't give up on yourself. Let your hair down and face the bald Eagle hairy fact, walking or flying doesn't matter as long as you're going forward.

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