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Online Degree Options that Can Lead to a Career

by Rabi Paul (writer), , August 09, 2016

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Online Degree Options that Can Lead to a Career

Many people make the mistake of going after a career path that looks and sounds great at first glance, but then doesn't turn out to be what they expected in the long run.

One of the major challenges associated with pursuing a career of any kind, is making the time to fit school timing into your schedule along with other obligations. Achieving such a balance is particularly difficult for people who are already working or have children to take care of. In years past, it was possible to handle such burdens to explain why you never went after the career you really wanted? Nowadays, we can't use that excuse anymore because it's possible to earn a degree from the comfort of home, on your own schedule, using one of the many online degree programs available. With the above discussed lines, let's look at seven online degrees that can serve as the foundation for a fulfilling career:

1. Masters in School Counseling

As a school counselor, you'll be in the privileged position of being able to help students to overcome emotional and academic difficulties. Knowing that you are taking part in the development of the next generation can be a very fulfilling feeling, especially when you get to see many of the same students making progress and growing along the way. One of the key advantages of earning a master’s in school counseling online is that you'll be exposed to all the knowledge and skills needed to apply for any school counseling position at any institution. Obviously, there are schools and universities everywhere; this means you'll have a huge pool of potential employers.

2. Masters in Business Administration

If you're looking to go the entrepreneurial route or want to be eligible for management level positions in a variety of industries, pursuing master’s degree in business administration might be your best option. Few jobs will boost your confidence more than participating in the management of a company, and aside from the prestige and honor these positions offer, they also typically carry some of the best salaries and benefits. Perhaps the most fulfilling aspect of this degree type is that you'll have the comfort of knowing that the knowledge gained can be put to use in any field.

3. Masters in Social Work

With a masters degree in social work you'll be equipped to pursue jobs in most industries, with some of your possible employers being healthcare facilities, rehab centers, schools/universities, shelters, and military organizations. Regardless of which field you choose to specialize in, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you're helping people become the best versions of themselves and you'll be getting paid a very decent salary to do it.

4. Masters in Veterinary and Animal Sciences

If you're an animal lover and have considered becoming a veterinarian, earning a master’s degree in veterinary and animal sciences can equip you with the knowledge needed to be a paid expert in the field of animal healthcare. Seeing a smile on the face of a pet owner after you've saved their pet's life can be a great feeling, and even on days when you're not a lifesaver, it's always fun dealing with the different animal personalities that you'll encounter at a vet's clinic.

5. Masters in Education

The world needs more passionate teachers, so anyone interested in the profession should definitely consider of earning a Master’s in arts in teaching (MAT), Masters in education (ME), or even a Doctorate of Education degree online. Helping students learn and grow gives you plenty of reasons to keep showing up for work, as there's a genuinely rewarding feeling that comes from being a difference maker through the strong influence your words and lessons have on students.

6. Masters in Physical Therapy

If you enjoy helping people, masters in physical therapy can be an excellent degree option to pursue. You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that every day you show up to work, will helping people heal from physical ailments and injuries. There's nothing like seeing the smile on a patient's face when they're regaining their ability to walk or realizing that they're finally on their way to becoming pain-free.

7. Masters in Fine Arts

If you enjoy drawing, painting, or creating animations, a master’s degree in fine arts might just be the most enjoyable and fulfilling career path you can take. Contrary to popular misconception, the stereotype of the struggling artist isn't always true, with many artists being paid some of the highest annual salaries. Needless to say, fine artwork sells for high prices and it doesn't take that long for a proficient artist to create a piece, so if you have the talent to build upon, why not do it?

Thus, before you commit to a degree option, it would be wise to ask yourself a few basic questions about what you want from your career. This will help you gain a clearer perspective of where you're trying to go and how you're going to get there.

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