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4 Easy Steps to Choose the Right Floor Scrubber

by michaelsanduso (writer), , August 10, 2016

There are two biggest classes of floor scrubber machines in the market: electric and battery dependent.

If your old floor scrubber does not perform well anymore then the time to purchase a new unit has come. Unfortunately, many people spend tons of dollars when buying such cleaning machines because they are looking for the latest makes or most famous brands. Experts in this area explain that there is no need to rush and fight for the innovations, it is much more important to consider several vital factors in choosing a new floor scrubber. These five steps we described below to simplify your decision-making process.

1) Decide on Type of Machine You Need

There are two biggest classes of floor scrubber machines in the market: electric and battery dependent. If you have limited budget then experts advise to choose a corded machine because they typically cost less than battery units. Moreover, without a battery pack your unit will also require much less maintenance. However, you need to be ready that a cored floor scrubber will be able to cover much less floor space if compared to the battery machine in relation to time required. Be also aware that a corded operation machine is much less maneuverable than a floor scrubber operating on a battery.

2) Think about the Category of Your Units

Here you will also find two categories of units, such as commercial and industrial. Commercial floor scrubber can be a perfect match for commercial spaces such as a school or a grocery store where not much maintenance is required and where you will not be using them often because lifespan of a commercial floor scrubber is much smaller than one of industrial type. Industrial floor scrubber will be much more durable and long lasting. So when choosing a new unit consider your needs before paying.

3) Size of Location

It is also important to think of the size of the space you will need to clean with the floor scrubber. You need to match efficiency and capacity of the unit with the need of the space. In case you have a huge storage you will need industrial floor scrubber, but still calculate the area which requires cleaning and then check its rating per hour to get the best result.

4) Budget

Budget is always a great consideration especially when buying some large machines for your business. If you have enough money and know what you want then a new scrubber will be your best choice. But in case your budget is limited and you are not quite sure about the type of machine needed consider purchasing a used machines. If you are not sure about the costs of floor cleaners repair and maintenance you can always consult shop assistants to get the information needed. In case you are an absolute newbie in the floor scrubber’s world you can always rent several machines to try and only after such dry runs decide on the type of unit to purchase. Professionals say that this is the wisest thing to do if you are uncertain.

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