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How To Get More Energy Without any Energy Drinks?

by jazz pollard (writer), , August 03, 2016

Energy drinks

When your energy levels are nearly close to being drained, you probably find yourself reaching for caffeine. Instead, beat the fatigue and learn how to get more energy without any energy drink.

When your energy levels are nearly close to being drained, you probably find yourself reaching for caffeine. According to a recent USDA report, study shows that women consume about 165 mg of caffeine a day, while averaging to about 225 mg by the age of 50. This energy crisis is causing us to reply on caffeine and energy drinks to help you get through the day.
Instead, beat the fatigue and learn how to get more energy without any energy drink.

Cut the Caffeine

The first step to boosting your natural energy level is to skip the artificial caffeine. If you’re among the 90% of Americans that rely on caffeine daily, chances are you will experience more severe symptoms of headaches and dehydration. Minimize your withdrawal symptoms and slowly cut back on your caffeine intake.

Start with a Green Juice or Smoothie

A healthy green smoothie is a natural energy booster that will start your day right. It is packed with vitamins and minerals without weighing your digestive system down with heavy foods. Eating an anti-inflammatory diet can ward off cancer, help you lose weight, and ultimately provide more energy.

Always Have Breakfast

While it may be tempting to skip breakfast due to the morning rush, a nutritious meal in the morning will actually wake your body up and prepare for the day. This will also ensure that you get enough nutrients to help you stay strong and avoid the productivity-killing lunch time crash.

Eat the Right Foods

Many individuals turn to processed foods and sugar for an instant energy kick. Yet this will actually drain your energy faster than it came. Eat foods that contain complex carbohydrates and beneficial nutrients as this will slowly burn and provide optimum energy. Follow a Balanced diet plan and eat plenty of vegetables and super grains to get you through your day.

Stay Hydrated

Your brain and body is made up of mostly water. This means when you start to get dehydrating, your entire system beings to slow down – including your mind. Keeping your body well-hydrated will help you stay on tract and keep your energy level well-maintained.

Listen to Up-Beat Music

Ambient noise can play a big role on the human psyche as research has shown that students do better on exams when listening to classical music. So, next time you’re feeling lethargic or lack of energy, keep the tunes pumps and boost your heart rate.

Stay Physically Active

Engaging in exercise can help boost energy levels better than caffeine. A quick 30-minute walk in the morning can jump start your day and wake up your body, keeping you energized all day long. Mini yoga routines throughout the day will also keep your body feeling centered and fresh. Regular exercise will result in long-term results of energy making your more alert.

Learn to De-stress Yourself

Stress is among the top reasons of energy drain. When you are stressed, your body releases chemicals and hormones that affect your systems. Initially, stress may appear to give you a burst of energy but will instantly zap the energy right out of you and product a host of negative outcomes, including weight gain, reduced immunity, low control in blood sugar, and problems with your digestive tract.

Get Enough Sleep

Your lack of energy may be due to not getting enough sleep. Most adults require about 7-9 hours of sleep in order to fully function throughout the day. The average adult gets 6 hours of sleep per night. This is associated with poor cognitive function, low energy, and the increased risk of obesity, diabetes, depression, rapid aging, and heart disease. If you’re sleep deprived, caffeine will actually worsen this effect. Try a nap in the afternoon as several top companies have allowed nap policies that have proven employees to be more responsive, energetic and productive after a quick nap.

Keep in mind that everyone is different and what may work for you may not work for someone else. Allow yourself to find that balance that works for you and stick to it. You might end up becoming more productive, have more energy and feel better in no time.

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