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PROBLEMATIC IMAGINATION. Are we always in control of it?

by riginal (writer), moe australia, July 27, 2016

Unlike our dreams, we shape our own imagination...or are we reluctant passengers at times? :>)


Jim Just just lay there. Or was it Just Jim lying there just? One thing Jim was proud of and justly so, was that his imagination didn't lie to him. I mean he had the reins. And he gave it free rein. He knocked on the door of imagination. He didn't have that long to live so why not share his thoughts? (knock knock). IMAGINATION: "Coming! coming! Jim i'll only co-operate in accordance with strict protocol that you listen to my story without interruption. Imagination can be likened to a wind chime frozen in a blizzard. It will only chime when favored with warmth and not restricted by the everyday straight jacket of cold reality mankind is forced to endure if only to exist on the basics of life. Yours is near ending so therefore i shall proceed. JIM:"Thank you, i shall pull the blanket of pretend over my head and warm my conscious as we converse. Story i await you." IMAGINATION:" Once- upon- a- time a priest sat on his bed praying. He held a loaded gun to his head. He was of the convincement...." JIM:"Convincement is not a word sir!" IMAGINATION:" I'M telling the story Jim...shut up! He held the loaded gun to his head. In the bathroom a tap dripped monotonously, it reached a crescendo. In the priest's mind at least. Twang drip drip unrelenting. Now the priest had so much faith in God and miracles, he tested God's resolve. He started to count and was indeed going to discharge the weapon into his noggin at the twentieth drippance. He knew and trusted-such was his fervor- that God would almost certainly 99.9% stop the dripping tap. "Nineteen"...he cocked the gun. Sighed and smiled confidently. At that instance the dripping tap ceased as if by some divine intervention." JIM:" Wow!...go on go on!" IMAGINATION:" The manager of the water corporation sat scowling as the youth entered. Motioned Cliff to sit. "Cliff, face it,we're going to have to let you go. All your job involved was to slip a printed card into the resident's letterboxes informing them of the water board's intention of cutting the mains flow to repair a section of pipe. An elderly lady died because of your incompetence Cliff. She had not a drop of water or liquid to drink on hand to swallow a very large tablet used to control her blood pressure. She choked and died. All due to your slackness in failing to card. You are fired. No person benefited because of your action.Get out." JIM:"I don't get it, the water turn off if i'm not mistaken resulted in saving the priest's life. Although the old lady died, the dripping tap cessation even though it was a misguided belief God intervened, was simply due to the water board turn off. Therefore had the priest tested God's will after the water was turned back on the dripping tap would have almost certainly continued with dire results? Cliff was wrongly dismissed in a sense,don't you think sir?" IMAGINATION: "Well Jim that's the problem when you possess and nurture an overwrought imagination don't you think?" JIM:"Yes but i didn't want anyone hurt...i...i just couldn't imagine." IMAGINATION:" Guess the moral is Jim live life the best you can you really don't know when it's your turn to be turned off. Guess it's a hard pill to swallow. So many loaded questions. Obscure miracles? Jim Just, imagine." THE END. unless of course you use your imagination. :>)

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