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8 Hair Hacks you Have Been Missing Out On

by barbara mory (writer), , July 22, 2016

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We have listed below 8 hair hacks you have been missing out that when followed careful will give you that silky and smooth hair that every woman would love to have.

Do you want to have that strong, smooth and silky hair? Every woman wants it. Long or short, straight or curly glossy hair gives the best impression. The surface of your hair contains natural fat that keeps it shiny and moist. When this surface is damaged, the hair will look dry, dull and unhealthy. That shiny and soft hair requires effort and sacrifice. Good hair care is the way to getting that silky, shiny and smooth hair. Many people use various branded shampoos, serums and conditioners to make their hair look beautiful and shiny. But when these products are used over time they do more harm than good. We have listed below 8 hair hacks you have been missing out that when followed careful will give you that silky and smooth hair that every woman would love to have.

1. Keep away from harsh heat and chemicals

Avoid heat styling and use of excessive chemical from beauty product as this can remove the natural oil from your hair and cause damage hence leaving it dry, dull and hard. Choose conditioners and natural shampoo that do not have sulphates and other harsh chemicals. Ensure you also don’t heat style too often, and to prevent damage ensure you always use heat protective spray.

2. Eat more healthy fats

Eating heathy and balanced diet will not only help your hair grow strong but will give your hair that shiny and glossy look. It is advisable to have more fats in to your diet and iron-rich foods like fish, beans, soybeans, leafy vegetables and cereals. Proteins which are rich in amino acids like lentils, peas, milk and soy are very essential as that’s what you need to strengthen your hair.

3. Use coconut oil as a hair mask

If you want to add moisture to you hair and make it shine, then use coconut oil. Coconuts oils can be used as a hair mask. Take one tablespoon full of coconut oil and apply it to the lengths of your dry hair. Leave it overnight but ensure you don’t stain your pillow. In the morning wash it out using a shampoo and these will leave the hair feeling soft and smooth.

4. Deep conditioning

If you want to enjoy smooth silky hair, deep condition it. Once in a while wash your hair with shampoo, dry it completely with a towel, and then apply generous amounts of conditioner all through to the roots of your hair. Using a toothed comb, gently and careful run it through the hair and ensure the conditioner is spread everywhere. Now hold them up and clasp together. Wait for about fifteen to an hour and then pull them down, rinse it well and enjoy smooth silky hair.

5. Avoid over washing

You should not wash your hair every day or too often; this will avoid removing the natural oils from the hair. Hair in which oils have been removed by washing looks dull and dry. It is also good to train your hair to control natural oils by having intervals of about a week between washes. Washing twice a week is ok and always remembers to use a dry shampoo on roots before washes

6. Trim your hair regularly

You should make an effort to have your hair trimmed regularly to get off the week ends that split your hairs. Although depending on the nature and condition of the hair you may need less or more regular trims. Discuss with your hair stylist and let them know what, they may also advise you on the frequency or interval in which to trim your hair.

7. Add more protein in your diet

If you want your hair to be strong and healthy, get adequate protein in your diet. Proteins play a major role in building strong blocks of our tissue and cells in your body. The main source of protein includes yoghurt, bens, cheese, legumes, lean meats, nuts, tofu, fish and tempeh. You may also need to talk to your nutritionist for more advice on other sources of protein.

8. Use a wide tooth comb on wet hair

If you are combing wet hair, use a wide tooth comb, remember wet hair is delicate and therefore be as gentle as possible. Avoid use of brushes on wet hair as this is can cause serious damage to your hair. Once the hair is completely dry, you can now use a brush. Brush the end of your hair gently while holding your hair mid length to avoid pulling it too much.


There are numerous and simple ways to nature your hair so that it remains strong and healthy. Ensure you always have a diet rich in all important nutrients and understand how external handling of the hair affects it.

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