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What Determines How Young You Are

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Discover 7 ways to keep yourself young no matter your age

Are afraid of getting old? If you are, what makes you more afraid, being old or looking old?

Yes, the majority of us want to look younger, and we are encouraged by the media and advertising to cross many personal lines to achieve that. Plus, most things that are promising you more youthful look don’t deliver on their promise.

However, I have great news for you today. That news is that how young you are is not determined by your physical appearance, but the state of your brain. And if there are fewer things to do about how you look, there are plenty about how to keep your brain young.

Your brain youthfulness is not only giving you a high quality of life at old age but also is quite inexpensive compared to keeping a beautiful face and body. Most things that you need to do for the health and youth of your brain are costing you close to nothing and are fun to do.

Now, let’s see 7 ways to keep your brain young.

1. Learn new things

Learning things is challenging your brain to make new connections between parts of your brain and increase the number of your neurons. The more difficult the tasks you need to perform, the better.

Staying focused on one single thing seems unnatural to the human mind. Therefore, staying focused is one challenge that you shouldn’t run away from, but embrace in your day to day life.

2. Be curious

Your mind stays young as long as all your neurons are occupied with something most of the time.

Learning new things/ skills and staying focused are taking some of your energy, and you deserve a break now and then. Getting curious is a way to take a break in a productive and constructive way for your brain.

When you are curious, you are firing up those neurons that are not used in almost any other activity; and a neuron with no job dies.

3. Get connected

The human is a social creature. We love interacting with other people, we love feeling that we belong somewhere, we love being useful, we love to share.

Sadly, our modern world keeps us apart more and more. We get disconnected from each other and loneliness creeps in.

Use your interpersonal skills and stay or get connected to people. Give your heart and mind the chances and the opportunities to love, share, care, heal, create and receive from others all that you give.

You have so many good, good things to give. Don’t you?

Get connected and share the best of you.

4. Dream big

Your dreams are pushing you forward. They are giving you reasons to wake up in the morning and start walking.

Dreaming big is involving all your senses. You make pictures in your mind about how you want things to look; you hear the sounds connected to the accomplishment, and you feel the emotions of success.

5. Keep on dancing

Physical activities of any kind are keeping your brain sharp and fit. However, the most beneficial activities for your mind, soul, and overall well-being, are those activities that you are having fun doing and keep you connected to others.

Exhausting yourself at the gym on a stationary bike may not bring you the results you want. Yet, dancing with a group of friends, will. Running like crazy on a treadmill just to be able to stay still will not give you the satisfaction and the positive outlook on life as running on a field with your dog.

6. Avoid catching the 21st-century illness

If you are wondering what that illness is, prepare yourself to be surprised. The 21st-century illness is the fear of starvation. With all the food we have available in western countries is astonishing how much we fear hunger. Is it not?

Almost every diet or alimentary regimen are constructed in a way that leaves you no time to feel hungry...ever.

However, healthy living from a food perspective is to have three meal a day and feel hungry four times. Why? Because when you are hungry, your brain is increasing the number of your neurons to be fit to survive, to be, mentally robust enough to provide for yourself.

Necessity makes you smarter, more creative and willing to keep on moving.

7. Build memories

How you perceive life, long or short, it is determined by the memories you build. If your days look the same, and you have a hard time remembering what have you done for the past five years, might feel as if you have never lived.

Don’t just live with the purpose of getting safely to death. Live with the purpose to feel alive.

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