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Choose the Sustainable Solution to Your Bird Problem

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Pigeon Control

Know How to Choose the Right Method of Pigeon Control to Protect from Damage of Your Building.

Pigeons proliferate in urban areas, in large part due to the availability of nesting spaces. Nooks, ledges, and hideaways in the architecture of city buildings provide shelter from harsh weather, and city alleyways and garbage dumpsters provide food in the form of scraps. While many people think of these flocks fondly, going so far as to feed them crumbs in plaza squares, many others think of them as vermin and street pests. The truth is that they are neither — they are simply urban scavengers who have learned and adapted to thrive where humans live. That being said, their droppings are notoriously damaging to building edifices, and can cause lasting problems that are expensive to repair. Additionally, because they live in spaces where they are exposed to other scavengers like rats, raccoons, and squirrels, they often carry parasites and harmful diseases.

To really manage a pigeon problem in the most efficient way, it’s not productive to think of them as either sweet, domestic street pets or as horrible pests. Property owners and businesses have to be able to address the issues created by large numbers of birds without harming them, instead deterring them from making homes in inconvenient places. Contrary to popular belief, bird control techniques that are most effective are incredibly humane and do not seek to injure, poison, or trap pigeons by any means. Companies that specialize in these methods rather than in general pest control seek to keep pigeons away with pigeon spikes and with strategically placed nets rather than with toxic products.

Birds pose many problems for both businesses and residential areas. They can dislodge roof shingles, become aggressive towards people, and they carry pests such as lice, mites, and ticks. Additionally, they pose the problem of dirtying your cars, damaging the paint, and can even be a hazard due to the fact that their droppings can result in slips and falls. Of course, businesses cannot run the risk of people getting harmed on their property due to litigation concerns. The safety of the birds is a great concern, too, since city bylaws aim to protect them, and they sometimes fall victim to being harmed by human contact.

People automatically assume that bird control means lacing your property with harmful pesticides and deadly tools. However, quality companies will use tools such as bird-friendly glass, electrical tracks, and nets. Each of these products prevents birds from being able to land and settle in an area. In order to be effective, though, they need to be installed by professionals. Trained professionals with tons of experience will work closely with engineers and building architects to create the most effective ways to incorporate bird control in your business. This allows business owners a customized approach to their problem that takes into consideration the ideal budget, visibility or potential invisibility of the nets or spikes to passers-by on the street, and well-being of the animals.

Qualified professionals equipped with experience and a keen interest in the humane approach to this unique issue can help to get rid of the risks of damage caused by these birds while contributing to the overall quality, appearance, and professionalism of your business.

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