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Protecting a Vehicle From Unexpected Dents

by Natalie lge (writer), UNITED KINGDOM, July 08, 2016

Car dents and scratches can occur for several different reasons.

Protecting a Vehicle From Unexpected Dents

Car dents and scratches can occur for several different reasons. Cars are always at risk of being bumped in parking lots by shopping carts and other people's car doors, by opening your own door too soon when you're parked next to another car, and even by children who might be playing in the area.
Because of this, dent prevention is essential to maintaining the aesthetic appeal of a vehicle. Fortunately, there are several tips for protecting a car or truck from being dented.

Car dents and bumps are generally accepted as being inevitable for a driver at some point or another during their driving career, but many of these types of damages are preventable in a lot of cases simply by exercising more caution and awareness of the driving environment.

Not Parking Right Next to Other Cars

Parking at a distance from other vehicles to avoid car bumps is an obvious help, even if the driver might have to walk a little extra further. By breaking away from the mold and allowing themselves a couple of empty spaces on both sides, drivers can help lessen their car's likelihood of getting bumped and get a little exercise in at the same time.

Opening the Car Door Slowly

It's perfectly normal for people to be anxious to get to wherever they're going while driving, but they should always be conscious of everything around them, whether it's a curb, a gas pump railing, another car, etc. Carefully opening the car door is a good method for drivers to prevent unwanted door dings and scrapes.

Instructing Children to Be Careful Around the Car

Most of the time, children don't mean to cause damage. However, they're not always aware of the value of a vehicle, or how major a dent or can actually be. They should be taught to use caution when entering or exiting an automobile, and to avoid playing with balls, bats, bicycles, and other possibly harmful objects in the vicinity of the car.

Using Permanent Magnetic Door Guards

These guards buffer or absorb dents to a car while its parked. With high-power magnets, they can easily attach to the majority of car doors and shield them from nicks, dents, and scratches, even those caused by snow or ice. While the weather can't be predicted, using these guards can help avoid or lessen the severity of bumps caused by hail or sleet.

Parking in a Covered Area or Garage

Drivers who have a garage available to park in should definitely use it, as it is the most reliable way to protect a vehicle. There are plenty of advantages to using covered parking areas, which includes protection against ice or other severe storms that may cause expensive damages.

During the wintertime, using a parking garage prevents snow and ice from piling up on a car, which makes getting to the street easier. Garage parking areas also keep automobiles out of the direct sunshine, which with time may dull the visual appeal of leather or vinyl elements in the car interior. Parking away from the natural elements is simply the best way to prevent weather-related car dents and damages.

Using a Vehicle Cover

Drivers who don’t have access to garage parking should consider getting a high-quality fabric vehicle cover. Ranging from standard $50 covers to $500 high-performance covers that can protect against high-speed softballs and chunks of ice, there are a number of covers available that are made to keep cars safe from bumps and dents.

If your car receives a minor or major dent, despite taking necessary measures, you can always reach out to for the friendly, prompt repair assistance.

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