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9 Fast Cooked Chicken Recipes You Can Enjoy Right Now

by CruceA (writer), , June 29, 2016

pre-cooked chicken recipe

Here are some really fast ways to use pre-cooked chicken for some beautiful and very tasty dishes.

Fast cooking does not necessarily mean that you need to look for recipes that are really fast to finish. In many cases you can use something that is already cooked to get great dishes cooked in some minutes. That is exactly what we will talk about.

Since everyone loves chicken, you want to consider the combinations below. You just need precooked rotisserie chicken or Purdue roasting chicken. During the weekend you can cook your chicken and then put it in the freezer until you need it. Just use quart size bags. If you forget to defrost during the morning, you can use a microwave oven for defrosting the meat.

Now, what you want to do is properly pair the chicken with adequate ingredients. This is not that difficult. The ingredient combinations that are highly recommended include:

    ·Take some brown rice and steam boil it. Then, add the chicken. Combine with a chicken soup cream can and stir. Take the mixture, add baking dish and top with some cheddar cheese slices. All you have to do is microwave this until the cheese bubbles. All else is already cooked so everything is really fast.

    ·Take a bag of green giant steamers and add chicken to it. You only need around one minute to cook this and if you want some extra flavor, add cheese, roasted potatoes with peppers and garlic and some broccoli.

    ·Do you like Mac and Cheese? It is a favorite for many because of how fast it is to cook. Since you also have some pre-cooked chicken, why not add to the Mac And Cheese?

    ·How about some fast chicken sandwiches for work lunch? Take French bread, a slice and add chicken with some chicken gravy. Instant mashed potatoes can be cooked fast and added to the mix for some extra tasty bits.

    ·Do you fancy chicken omelets? It is quite obvious how to cook these. Since chicken is already cooked, just add to the omelet with some tomatoes and feta cheese. Sliced white potatoes can also make everything better.

    ·Chicken salads are great for those that want something really healthy. Just take the chicken, add dried cranberries, greens, sesame seeds, walnuts, apple slices and cheese crumbles. We are sure that you will love this.

    ·Crunchy fried chicken? Normally this should take a lot of time but not when you prepare the coating as you prepare the chicken during the weekend. When the day comes and you want some, it only takes a few minutes to properly cook. Basically, most chicken based recipes become incredibly fast when the chicken is pre-cooked.

    ·Buy some flatbread or premade pizza. Then top with pizza sauce, diced tomatoes, the cheese that you love and, of course, the chicken. For extra flavor add minced garlic, black olives or whatever you really like to have on a pizza. The flatbread package should offer all the information necessary to cook fast and end up with something really tasty.

    ·Chicken pasta is something that we normally do not consider when we want to cook a dish fast. However, because the chicken is pre-cooked, all that it takes is 5 to 8 minutes. You can easily choose whatever sauce you want to add as you make the sauce while you boil the pasta.

As you can see, if you want some fast tasty dishes, all you really need is a willingness to improvise. Pre-cooked chicken is so easy to use in many dishes, many more than what we already mentioned.

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