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How To Teach Your Teenager To Drive

how to teach a teenager to drive safely

This article serves as a guide for parents who are planning on teaching their teens to drive.

Teaching teens how to drive can be a demanding and stressful thing to undertake. Before the training, you are advised to encourage them to study driving test tips as they will have to undergo the test to get a driving license. You will also need to prepare yourself both physically and mentally before commencing the training.

Keeping your cool

Parents tend to yell at their kids when they do things in a way they don’t want. You should note that driving is on its level and requires slow but sure steps to master in full. When your teenagers get off a lane, do not shout or berate him/her, instead calmly advice on the right process of getting back and maintain a single lane. When you learn to keep your cool when teaching them to drive, you will significantly bring about a positive atmosphere for learning which means a positive result.

Be always prepared

Teens can be unpredictable. You are advised to be always prepared when training them to drive as some instances will call for your instant attention to control the vehicle. You need to train how to control the car efficiently from the passenger’s seat. In the case of any accident, you are the one to be held responsible as the car is registered under your name. You also need to let your teen hold the wheel as you assist in controlling the car so that they have a feel of how your assistance is like to avoid them resisting your control. The pedals also need your utmost attention. Your teen needs to know that you might be forced to lift his/her knee up or exert more pressure on the knees when the need arises.

Do not assume anything

You are in control of where to go and what to do. Never assume your trainee knows where to turn and where not to. Always give advice on the next move. You need to give direction early to avoid last minute turns. Giving early advice reduces frustrations as you are both on the same page.

Maintain an active training

A nice way to maintain an active training is making your trainee talk. Talking when undergoing training makes the trainee calm. Have them talk about what they are thinking when driving to ensure concentration. Make them talk about what they are seeing when driving so as to give your opinion on the same. You should maintain relevant question while on the road. An example of a question you should ask is “how many alleys do you see?” Asking questions ensure a lively training lesson.

Practicing in different environments

Having a change of environment often possess different challenges to beginning drivers. For example driving in the urban area will pose a greater challenge than driving in the rural areas where the population is low. Also driving at different times such as the afternoon, when the sun is high above will train your child how to drive with the sun glare, at night, when it is snowing or when it is raining.

With the above guides, you are ready to commence the training process. What next after the training? Your teen needs to be prepared for the driving test. You have to encourage them to study safe driving tips to make the test successful.

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