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Educational Activities for 1-3 Years Old kids

by Stuartclocks (writer), , June 27, 2016

Looking for toddler educational activities that will help you show your child the actual fun side of learning.

Looking for toddler educational activities that will help you show your child the actual fun side of learning. It includes from several playful experiments to various activities and many more subjects have been covered through these educational activities. These educational activities for kids learning in the real world involves with props, crafts, active play and many more things.

Here are a few educational activities that you can try implementing for your child.

Counting numbers activity

Craft as a cereal abacus: Your child might be probably tired of flash cards and workbooks practicing quickly, but she will be fooled by this colorful, interactive counting box. Moving cereal pieces across wires with his/her fingers hardly seems like maths practice, yet she/he will be perfecting her counting method. Addition and subtraction of mathematical operations, pattern work and making groups with the cereal will identify his/her arithmetic skills in a fun and painless way.

Nursery Worksheets

Introduce the kids to prepare worksheets for the purpose of the elementary school preparation. Fun themes and visuals are offered to inspire the kids for their love of learning. These worksheets help them to learn about letters, number recognition, counting shapes and more.

The things that worksheets for nursery include are – alphabet worksheets, counting worksheet, puzzle fun worksheet, shapes worksheet, number worksheets, and rhyming worksheets.

    ·Alphabet worksheet: It includes the alphabet letter matches, alphabet mazes, ABC hats, alphabet flash cards and alphabet letter identification.

    ·Counting worksheet: It includes worksheets that contain the quantity counting pattern so that the kids are able to count the numbers or identification with the numbers.

    ·Puzzle Fun worksheet: Several pictures are provided that so that the kids can match up the puzzle and complete the picture offered.

    ·Shape Worksheet: It offers different shapes so that kids are introduced to the shapes knowledge and able to know the shapes properly.

    ·Number worksheets: Offers the identification of numbers to the kids so that they learn to count.

    ·Rhyming worksheets: Kids will be subjected to new learning of rhymes through these worksheets.

Sensory Exploration with Sand

This is another playful technique where kids develop fine motor skills, language development, overcoming risk factors and eye hand co-ordination and modulation. It promotes creativity and imagination through role and developing stories.

Balancing Felt Balls

It is a playful and inviting ways for the kids to develop their fine motor and hand eye co-ordination skills using fun resources. These felt balls are so tactical and sensory that kids absolutely love playing with them.

Painting with Balloons

Painting with balloons is a great activity for kids to explore creativity and imaginatively. They create free painting using simple props or tools in an open ended and unstructured way. It develops good sensory activity. This is because kids tend to use their hands to change the paint and balloons while creating patterns and prints on the paper.

Developmental play is fun for toddlers. These educational activities cover up areas such as reading, writing maths, science, social studies, arts and craft, recipes, games and holidays and seasons. A child needs to know that learning is enjoyable like playing. Fun educational activities for 1-3 years old kids offer learning with entertainment. They are mainly based upon the age, level of skill and the interest you choose from the educational activities.

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