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Benefits of exhibiting brands in Dubai Events

by Jenessa (writer), , June 22, 2016

Whether it’s a trade show or shopping gala, service providers and product manufacturers never miss a chance to exhibit their brand there

Having observed the tremendous benefits of participating in such events, newly launched and renowned brands never miss the chance to participate in trade shows. Exhibitions come in all shapes and sizes but the two main types are consumer expo and trade shows. Irrespective of its type and size, it facilitate businesses to interact directly with customers (existing & prospective), competitors, suppliers and potential investors. These events are not less than a profitable investment. Commercial service providers whether being large or small startups, should consider spending and investing time and money on these activities to recognize their brand. One can see the benefits in long term. When consumers and vendors watching any brand regularly participating in expos and trade events, their brand leave a credible impression in their customer mind.

When it comes to exhibiting brands in the magnificent events in Dubai, it’s hard to ignore for a businessman the alluring benefits. Here I am sharing few of the key benefits, businesses can avail

Quality feedback is one of the major benefits a brand can avail after displaying and participating in an event. As customers, suppliers and vendors are directly interacting with products, they can give very relevant feedback about products, which can be used to improve the quality. Moreover, their questions also help manufacturers and service providers to identify the good, bad and missing features.

Extended Networking Opportunities is critically important for branding and marketing. Whether a small startup is seeking for the right avenues to introduce their products and services, or an established brand is trying to hit the new market, networking with the business community and vendors is an essential.Relationship with important persons and companies in their niche can significantly reduce the chances of launching failures. At least, they can help upcoming brands and new products to gather enough individuals at launching ceremony. Later they can spread a word in their circle and community, which will drag more loyal customers.

Help to create lasting impression, if an entrepreneur select the right event to participate, it enable brands to engage and interact with right customers. A well designed show is beneficial for everyone attending and participating in an event. Audience can get the privilege to enjoy giveaways, special discount offers and promotional products. Whereas, participants can request attendees to share their contact information and like and comment company social media page. These small efforts increase brand credibility, which helps capturing potential customers.

Offer flat marketing opportunities whether it’s a huge brand or a small brand, all will be receiving the same level of attention and promotions after participating in a trade show or an expo. For a small brands it’s not less than a blessing, as they don’t need to spend much n running huge budget marketing campaigns. All they need is to pay charges for their stall space. Even an unknown business can generate good sales and profits via these shows provided that they have the real potential.

Summary: No matter how extensive marketing campaigns you are running for product branding, product displays in expos, galas and events gives double edge advantages after allowing direct interaction with customers.

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