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?Life Changes for Adam Reynolds — Some Are Painful in Unexpe

by Jerry Nelson (writer), , June 16, 2016

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Adam Reynolds, Australian Rugby Star

Adam Reynolds, the Australian footballer, is making some life — and body — changes.

Life Changes for Adam Reynolds — Some Are Painful in Unexpected Ways

Adam Reynolds, the Australian footballer, is making some life — and body — changes.

In January 2016, Reynolds was named to the emerging New South Wales Blues squad and the following month selected to replace Trend Hodkinson in the 2016 Rugby League All Stars Match.

Life is a series of changes — and Reynolds wanted his famous tattoos to change to keep up with his life history.

For Reynolds to change, there’s a cost. If taking three days to be tattooed and spending over $20,000 sounds painful, then what about a laser taking the desings off.

Tattoo removal hurts like hell,” said Reynolds. “I don’t recommend it. However, when you want to change, it has to be done. I certainly have new plans.”

Reynolds recently sat down in the clubhouse and told a reporter about the changes he was making.

Changes such as that unmistakable neck tattoo which displays the name of his daughter Nakylah, his first child.

On his left foot is a Bunnies logo for history and two koi fish for uck on his left arm.

Covering the entire length of his right arm, a religious motif that includes rosary beads, a Sacred Heard and a portraying of the Virgin Mary; his entire testament to faith and a belief in a force greater than him is played out.

His right pectoral is the blank canvas for his most important piece; that’s not always been the case.

Not too long ago, a mythical woman with wild eyes and windswept hair looked out from there. Opposite, a large Japanese flower is now sitting where a giant lion once roared.

As a teenager, Reynolds wanted the lion for the same reason anyone would expect from a schoolboy prodigy: power. King of the jungle.

So why did he get rid of it?

“Long story,” the rookie says. “Sometimes things you want when you’re young aren’t as important when you’re older.”

“That’s why I had a flower drawn over the lion.”

Although he won’t say why he had the old tattoo removed from the other side of the chest, Reynolds did remark that it was “time for something new.”

Reynolds represents new life for the Blues; and himself.

The Ink Odyssey

The odyssey began si years ago with “Reynolds” written in large letters across his back.

“Dad had our surname tattooed on his arms,” Reynolds explains. “I wanted to be the same — but differnt.”

Reynold’s story — and his tattoos telling that story — have evolved through birthdays and changes in life philosophy. Reynolds has lost count of the time and dollars spend, but estimates that the cost would reflect fellow Blue Josh Dugan — who has also spent three entire days and $20,000.


Here’s the lineup for Reynold’s tattoos:


Switched from lion to a flower on his left pec which complements the Japanese motif heading down his left arm.


Turning around his stomach is the phrase “Brothers Till Death”, in Latin.

Left Arm

A Japanese-themed sleev with two koi fish curled around the names of his parents and older brother Wayne.

Left Hand

Kobe, the name of his son, beside a rose. Reynold’s left wrist has the Bunnies logo.

Right Arm

The religious side of Reynold’s — detailed earlier here.

Right Hand

Tallara — his partner’s name.

Left Leg

A portrait of Bob Marley whose life and attitude has always been admired by Reynolds.

Left Foot

South Sydney symbol.

Right Leg

Another koi fish, joined by a chrysanthemum and a pair of clow faces.

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