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Puffy Bags under Eyes- Get Rid of this Condition

by barbara mory (writer), , June 15, 2016

puffy bags under eyes

Puffy bags under eye is an eye problem experienced by many people. Proper remedy for this condition is very important and should be followed to the later.

Eyes play a very vital role in the human body. They are the focal point in any being. Puffy bags under eye are caused by the hypersensitive reaction,retention of fluids, fat deposition and skin inflammation around the eyes. Although many people may view it as a dangerous disease that also alters their appearance, it is only a temporary situation. The following are some of the crucial remedies for this condition.

1. Keep Your Eyes Protected Against UV Rays

It is important that as you walk,especially during sunny days to wear sunglasses or a hat. Most people ignore that because they are oblivious of their importance. The direct rays from the sun fall directly on the face making the skin near the eye to sag or wrinkle. It is therefore recommended that you wear protective glasses as you walk or apply sunscreen cream that contain SDF on your face. This will protect your eyes against puffy bags under eye.

2. Good Sleeping Position

When it comes to sleeping, it is recommended that you prop your neck and head. This aids in prevention of fluids from retaining around the eye area. Sleeping with your head facing down will make the fluids collect in the tissues around the eye. It is therefore important to embrace good sleeping postures so as to avoid this condition.

3. Consider Eye Creams For the Condition

In this modern world, different types of creams have flooded the market. It is relevant to consider creams that can be used to reduce the puffy eye condition without harming the eye. If you have this eye conditions seek the opinion of other persons who have had it before. Also consult your optician concerning the best eye cream to use.

4. Control Your Allergies

Allergy conditions normally are developed by the body to react on any unfavorable working mechanism. Proper medication regarding allergy can reduce formation of these puffy bags under eye. Avoid rubbing your eyes with finger as they may have been laced with allergens which in turn cause puffiness. In case you are allergic it is vital that you take anti-allergy drugs to help manage the symptoms. This will also lessen the appearance of the puffy bags.

5. Wash off Your Makeup before Sleeping

Leaving eye makeup throughout the night tends to weight your eyes. This is why most ladies suffer from this condition. It is advisable that before going to sleep, always wash your face using a fragrance –free cleanser. This will ensure that all the days’ makeup is removed. Also when washing your face, take note not to pull the skin around the eye as it makes it sag.

6. Dietary

Many people are not aware that the foods and beverages they consume could lead to formation of puffy bags under eye. Individuals who take a lot of alcoholic beverages and eat food with excessive amounts of salts are affected with this problem greatly. This is because water collects under the eyes resulting to the puffy bags being formed. It is recommended that you lower your alcohol consumption, avoid processed foods and feed on foods little amount of salt.


In as much as puffy bags under eyes maybe a temporary condition, it is not good to assume them as they may persist. It is however, important to take caution so as to prevent the occurrence of this condition. Bearing in mind that the eye is a very sensitive organ, and its distortion can lead to disfiguration of your appearance, it is vital to protect them. With the mentioned remedies, it is possible to reduce chances of developing these puffy bags under eye.

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