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Ways to Gather Information for Literature Review

by Michelle Goszko (writer), , June 09, 2016

Some students might find literature review difficult to construct due to gathering sufficient information about topic of different perspectives developed by different research authors. A literature re

Clarify needs of your professors

Some of the professors might ask you to perform literature review as well as not get particular than that, in due consideration precisely identifying the requirements of the first step while writing dissertation. The main aspects to know before writing are listed below;

    ·Number of sources required to be included, specific number of participants to involves and their impacts on the research findings

    ·You are needed to present either views of selected research sources or require rephrasing the previously accustomed information

    ·You need to provide sufficient background information about topic or professors likely to have idea of the overall development in the field overtime

Narrow down your Topic

Narrowing down the research topic is highly essential for students as there is in depth information on varied topics which makes it highly complicated for research audiences to understand the main scope and nature of the study. This will enhance the focus of learners as well because they likely to just information from minimum sources and sum them up comprehensively.

Talk to Advisory Committee

After picking the main idea of the topic you are required to look for past papers that are developed within the institutions to attain relevant as well as useful material. The discussion with the advisory committee will be significant as these are the people who are likely to be familiar with the views of different scholars and can offer appropriate recommendations of the resources for the critical research.

Utilise Library Sources

It is highly significant for the students to search material for the literature review within the books and other journals available in the library as well as online databases of the institutions. Students can attain help from librarians as they represents to be a master at searching varied sources and can save their time on wasting substantial hours in evaluating articles as well as books.

Refer to References

The students can ask for scholarly references from the professors for developing a literature review of academic research. This aspect can help students in reading appropriate studies that provide up to date information on selected research topic. Accessing sources are highly essential which involves identifying the unbiased perspectives of the students and ignoring information that is not related to the subject area.

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