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How to Rank your App Best on Google

by Caroline Murphy (writer), Mumbai, India, June 06, 2016

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Google Now Rank Apps Without Web Content & Can Stream Apps Without Installing Them

Hey, created an APP? And, want to rank your APP best on Google? Then you should opt for ASO (App Store Optimization).Its provides the Golden rule to rank your APP best on Google.

ASO is a process that helps keep your APP on Top chart ranking. However, it involves continuous monitoring and improvement throughout the life of the APP.

Following are certain key areas that will help in your ASO states state of the art website design company.

1. Title, keywords, and description:

The most important step in APP creation and maintenance is Title, keyword, and description.

a) Title: It should have a title which explains the user or the downloaded the functions and the uses of the APP. It is highly recommended if the title has certain relevant keywords.

b) Description: The APP should contain a brief description of the functions and uses of the APP. The description should contain a maximum number of search keywords possible in order to get into top ranking.

c) Keywords: Keywords are the most searched words on the search engines. The APP description and title should include relevant keywords.

Therefore, the proper SEO (search engine optimization) process should be followed. It is a technique of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines. It's best to hire SEO Company India to attain the best results.

2. Review and Rating:

More the reviews and ratings to your APP the high it goes on ranking, so put your full effort to get your APP reviewed by a large group of users. Remember, reply to all the reviews possible which as it leaves a positive impact on the user. It is a kind of feedback provided by the users so make full use of it to improve your APP further.

3. Utilization of Marketing Techniques:

a) Freemium Model: It is a process of providing one tier of service free but restricts access to premium features to paying subscribers.

b) Launch Offer: It is the best practice followed nowadays by new APP designers through which your users use the demo of your APP before purchasing the APP.

Both these techniques will help you achieve increasing number of installs. Therefore more the installs of your APP higher the ratings.

4. User-Friendly:

The APP should be quite user-friendly, easy to surf and navigate. It should have the following features:

a) Icon: Use a simple icon for a proper recognition of the APP.

b) Screenshots: Use simple visual impressions which clearly feature the functions of the APP.

c) Video: Do add a video in your APP. This is an added advantage provided by Google App Store. Through this you can communicate functions of your APP to the user for is 100% satisfaction.

5. Intensive Publicity:

Your APP in order to invite a lot of traffic needs to be hyped.

Following steps can create an image of the APP in public:

a) Advertising the APP on television and websites.

b) Get APP reviewed on blogs and review sites.

c) Make the APP adaptable to the changing technology.

So following this ASO and SEO process along with continuous reviewing and updating can definitely rank your APP among the Top 10 in Google chart.Always remember “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs”.

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