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The subject matter of my writing is pretty much about stuff. I watch people and when I observe stuff that is amazing or amusing, I muse about it a bit. My journalism is pretty much sarcastic but all in good fun and never meant to offend. I also find it both entertaining and remarkable that most of the people who choose to comment do so about me, and say relatively little about my work. The most compelling part of this equation is that they know NOTHING about me. They scan a sentence or two and then vomit rudely in the comment section (based on their own stuff) I assume. It’s fine, just kinda weird. When I write I express myself in a way that may be thought provoking or enlightening using humor, or even by pissing people off, but the substance of the piece is what I expect a reaction to. I get a lot of remarks and messages (most of them privately) and that’s great, I just wish it were about what I write.

There are quite a few cool people who send messages either of support or to joust back and make a point or two. Some want to talk about an idea or opinion of their own. Great stuff. One guy (I won’t name) always says “F-em’ they got no balls anyway”. He is a salty communicator and I enjoy reading his articles. Anyway I am not answering anything more about myself after this, no matter how easy it is to shoot insults at each other. For the crowd that want to speculate on my life I will now set your minds at ease so you can go back to reading or writing or living instead of saying stupid things. I wrote a short composition on getting fat in Beverly Hills and called it “O.B. City” and got accused of being prejudiced against those who are “weight-challenged”. ‘Fighting Fare” was a commentary on anonymous cyber-haters, which got a lot of anonymous cyber hate. I wrote some other articles also but for those that want to comment on my personal life – have at it. I hope helps you sleep at night. If you don’t want to know about my personal life, stop reading now.

My name is Mark and my gff is KK . I suspect that gff is not exactly how she likes to be referred to so I call her my fiancée at times just because she wants to hear it but there hasn’t been any ring or proposal yet. When I start to wonder if a ring and a “set the date” might be appropriate, a mist of sweat covers my face and trickles down my neck, I am not sure why except for that whole “other marriage” thing I was involved in which I do NOT want to repeat.

KK and I grew up in a very cold State and dated briefly before she left for warmer pastures after high school. Yep, as cheesy as that is, we were high school sweethearts and we shared a “first” together I think, but do you ever really know for sure? She thought we could do the long distance thing and tried but we were young, what can I say? I was jealous when she did things like allow men take pictures of her with her shirt off for money. She thought she could fix it when she filled out the interview and named me as “the most compassionate and caring person” she knew. I didn’t care to be mentioned at all and would have rather she kept her shirt on. She said some other girl talked her into the nudity thing and she wouldn’t do it again. And then she did. I didn’t like it, there was crying involved and by crying I mean shrieking and drunk dialing for a while. And then that was that. All in all over the last eleven years or so she has crafted a career.

I also moved to another warmer territory, met girls and married one. KK and I still talked sometimes. She worked on photo shoots, catalogs, a couple music videos, on a boat, in cars, trade shows, a couple of movies, made some money, friends and enemies. She was a serial dater looking for true love but got move ins, move outs, bad breakups, more breakups and go backs, and met guys who she always thought were “the one”. She ran between Vegas and LA to work, play, party and meet Mr. Wonderful.

I worked in the food service industry, moving up and on to some very fine establishments. I made a lot of money for everybody except me. I worked. A LOT. I needed “some lovin’ so I grabbed a partner. The wife didn’t like that I worked pretty much all the time, but that is the nature of the fine dining industry. In my spare moments I wrote, and was published. The wife didn’t like the fact that I never spent any time with her because I was working and writing. Then came the opportunity to collaborate with an enterprising partner in a very nice area of LA and open our own place. I kissed the wife good-bye and settled into a life I enjoy very much. KK had also settled in the area of LA and since she likes to visit restaurants it was inevitable that she would visit mine and sure enough, she did. She looked different and so did I. Lots of things that we liked about each other were still there. We had ups and downs. We are together now, she doesn’t like my hours but likes my writing and does a bit of her own. We are both approaching a BIG BIRTHDAY with a zero in it and looking at options of real estate, more writing and some other stuff since we are supposed to be somewhat grown up by this point.

We have both traveled and had a lot of experiences, which add texture and fullness to life. I am content because I’m doing as good of a job as I can but 14-hour work days for weeks without a break, can’t last forever. We could both flop tomorrow (although we have built nice resumes and developed networking to a new level). I’m not arrogant or cocky because I have seen guys who were doing much better than I am and they now live on somebody’s couch. Life can surprise us with different stuff than you thought would happen and I have no idea what is around the corner, so I try to be a decent guy. As for KK, I don’t really know what will happen with us but I hope our futures include each other.

Maybe you don’t care about any of this (which is healthy) or maybe it satisfies whatever curiosity you may have had. Maybe you will still say dumb things about my stuff and that’s fine, and really I mean that. People have opinions and sometimes they like to voice them. KK doesn’t like it when I say things that are unkind and by unkind I mean when I am a sarcastic cold-hearted dick in the name of humor. Unless it is about a certain Asian model she hates or the guy who broke up with her and took everything she owned.

I’m working on a couple of writing projects and I like the direction they are taking. I hope that reading and writing continues for a long time because it certainly takes you places you didn’t expect to go, and anyway it’s easier than sign language, at least for me. I wish for you all to have excellent and satisfying lives and most of all that you have some really great stuff to read and maybe some even better stuff, to write.

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By Annonymous on November 09, 2007 at 11:49 pm
learning to write takes time and i like the way your work flows smoothly and then pops in with an unexpected joke or harsh truth. it makes me the reader, wonder what is around the corner.
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By C.V. Harris on December 27, 2007 at 12:21 pm
I feel ya on the "offending readers" portion. This is where you can give an opinion and be somewhat objecive, takes practice though....(although I've gotten a few interesing "letting me have it" emails myself!...However, keep writing and write often...serves the reader well....Cheers!
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