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And Who did You Dream to Be as a Child

by Katia Rekho (writer), Beverly Hills, May 31, 2016

Credit: Photo by D.P.
Me during the first year in the US

Story about what foreigner will feel once offered a job at the alternative medicine pharmacy

Do you remember how, being a child, because of the lack of information about all the existing careers in the world, all the boys dreamed of being astronauts and all the girls dreamed of being actresses or teachers? Growing up, they all regrouped in lawyers and economists. Only I continue studying the list of all possible vacancies in the world…

Once I was looking for an extra job in New York and I got an offer of being Oyster Opener. I even went to a one-day training. I was supposed to work at a bar, behind a separate mini-counter, and open oysters. It was the most regular American bar, but they were doing “oyster shots” and they were serving these sea delicacies as a snack. Generally, opening oysters turned up to be pretty complicated and I was feeling really uncomfortable performing such task. Well, my oyster opener career ended the very right day I of my training, instead, it got printed on my memory as a really strange experience. It seemed to me highly unlikely to stumble in my life with an odder job offer. But California beat the oyster experience!

One of the days I got a call from a friend saying: “Hi! I just came from an interview for a “weed” seller job and they need another girl, do you want to earn some extra money?” In my “came not for a long time from Russia” mind, in an instant, came a picture where they propose me to be something like a drug dealer. But the peace when she formulated the question and the announcing of the hour payment made my mind change. It was unlikely that we were talking about something criminal. Scanning fast through my brain through all the things I ever heard about California I remembered the information about marijuana being legal with medical purposes. And, few hours after, I was already on my way to the interview in an “alternative medicine” pharmacy, more out of curiosity then with a real intention of getting hired.

I stepped in and I froze. I think that the fans of this thing would have given anything just to be in my shoes. On a huge shelve there were exposed containers with more than twenty kinds of marijuana and there were also products made of it like: cakes, chocolates, drops, jelly and more. And the smell! “Is this really legal?” – I couldn’t control my emotions. It is legal, but with prescription.

Marijuana is prescribed for serious illness like, for example, oncological diseases, and arthritis and also for insomnias, high anxiety and others. In reality, paying the doctor 30-40$ for the consult you can get, practically without any trouble, a prescription valid for one year for using marijuana for medical reasons. Further, the rules are not so strict: do not smoke in public places and when driving and you can’t buy more than two times a day in the same pharmacy and more than one ounce (28.35 grams) at a time. What is the need of buying “weed” the patient decides on his own. I got to observe a few of these customers. The people are really treating the issue with knowledge. And they smell it and they examine it with the magnifier under a lamp! Me, accepting the position, clearly I wouldn’t be able to compete in knowledge with the clients and also the working schedule doesn’t fit me.

Now my mother would whisper with relief: “Thank God!”

Oh California, oh morals…

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