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by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), May 25, 2016

You have bequeathed your life to the values, which your mother imbibed in you…You hold the strength given by your mother

The whole period of solitude may goes as waste, as many may presume. I am afraid that’s not the truth…There are reasons to believe in your solitude, that you took time and with certain terms, you drew many contours of truth, to reaffirm your disposition. To fall apart from your belief in the intense scenario perhaps would be a death knell. Though strangulating circumstances conspires to obliterate your existence but you endure it with a hope that you will steer through rough times. We all draw strength from our perpetual hope to live another day.

No matter how life gives you a raw deal. It is pointless to live in a barren piece of your imaginative posture of self inflicting belief, that everything is gone…that you have lost the battle…Yes, it is pointless to surrender and in no uncertain terms, you refuse to write your own epitaph of destruction…Yes, you refuse and resuscitate with arming hope to live for another day…yes, to live a life, that is gifted by your mother…the one who has born you…you are not a sundry existence or a freak creation…you are a well preserved, nurtured and well fed creation of a mother; who never wanted to see you disintegrate and that’s how she armed you to live your life.

At times, we all fall apart from our core belief…momentarily it may happen, but we all hold the intrinsic core of our strength to breathe reasons- to strengthen our existence…believe in yourself, because you have a disarming space to accommodate and you are conditioned to do so… You have bequeathed your life to the values, which your mother imbibed in you…and by which your mother wishes to see her son/daughter to bloom and live humanly …You hold the strength given by your mother…
-Uttam Gill

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