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Excellent Tech Solutions for Growing Businesses

by michaelsanduso (writer), , May 25, 2016

Technology solutions every growing business needs.

Small, growing businesses often find themselves wasting time and money by sticking to archaic ways of doing business. Many don’t realize the immense benefits technology can provide to small businesses in terms of increased efficiency and productivity. Small businesses that allow tech investments in their budgets are the ones more likely to improve annual profits. According to a market study in 2012, around 85 percent of small businesses that planned to increase the tech budget also planned to gain higher revenues by the end of the year.

As perks of technology for small businesses are well established, here are some tips on how your growing venture can benefit from modern tech:

Software Can Save Time

Do you have employees who spend most of their time doing meaningless, monotonous tasks while they could be working on complex things that require a lot of thinking? This could be your fault as a manager. If there are a lot of simplistic but time consuming things to be done around the office, they should be automated so your employees have time to perform more important duties. You can make tasks run faster and smoother by investing in time saving software, such as the online project management suites offered by Celoxis company. Ask your peers what they use and try to use the same at your business also.

Use Cloud Storage

Paper documents are difficult to maintain, access and store for all employees. Also, paper documents mean more time wasted in front of the printer or running from cubicle to cubicle. You can avoid the hassle of physically available data by switching to cloud storage. With cloud storage, all your sensitive business data will be stored online, for which you will have access to anytime, from anywhere and on any device. You can also control how much access to give employees at different levels. Cloud storage is unbelievably convenient and highly cost efficient, so don’t overlook this feature to improve your small business.

Purchase Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are not just for buying shoes. They can save time and make communication a whole lot easier for your employees. You probably have your own smartphone that you use 24/7 to read emails and Skype people. Now imagine extending that convenience to other aspects of doing business. There are mobile apps available for keeping track of tasks, communicating jointly with teams, expense reporting, note taking, collaboration and basic accounting. There are even mobile versions of enterprise software for project management. Market studies show that over 94 percent of small business employees believe that such mobile apps make working much more efficient and productive. If your small business can develop or purchase such apps, the benefits will be many.

As you can see, there are a number of tech solutions to make running a small business convenient for employers and employees alike. Small business owners must always seek out ways to improve overall productivity and efficiency. Investing in tech is the best and most cost effective way to accomplish both.

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