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The Best Men’s Running Shoes for Shin Splints

by Sally_wilkinson (writer), , May 12, 2016

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This article is going to look specifically at how shin splints are caused, the best types of men’s running shoes to try and prevent them from recurring, and how you can finally be rid of this pain.

A scourge of running enthusiasts across the world, shin splints are a painful condition typically caused by running or some other high impact form of exercise where the pain is felt along the shins, particularly the inside bone of the lower leg, from knee to ankle. This article is going to look specifically at how shin splints are caused, the best types of men’s running shoes to try and prevent them from recurring, and how you can finally be rid of this painful condition.

What Are Shin Splints?

‘Shin splints’ is the commonly used term for what is otherwise known as medial tibial stress syndrome. The most recent research suggests that the pain symptom is caused by a stress reaction from the bone, most likely caused by high impact movements like running and dancing. Symptoms typically presented include aches and soreness along the shin bone (tibia), while the skin might be red, inflamed and tender to touch.

Common causes of shin splints include:

Excessive use of the legs over and above a person’s level of fitness, resulting in added stress placed on the tendons, muscles and bones

Running with flat feet – the added shock can cause tearing of the shin tendons

Poor or incorrect running technique – particularly with overpronation (i.e. inward turning of the foot) as the foot touches the ground.

Inadequate footwear – the men’s running shoes you have bought might not have sufficient shock absorption, or your footwear might simply be old and unable to give your shins the protection they deserve.

Simply by wearing the right footwear for your feet, you can prevent the onset of shin splints and continue running without any issues.

What Are the Best Men’s Running Shoes for Shin Splints?

The next logical step in preventing shin splints or getting rid of them is to be fitted with men’s running shoes that meet the needs of your feet. It’s always best to have your shoes fitted by an experienced professional; someone who will be able to determine how you land when you run, whether your lower leg remains stiff or flexible while in motion, what your preferred running surface is, and just how often you go running. With all of these factors under consideration, a professional fitter of men’s running shoes will then be able to match you with a pair that fits your feet perfectly and offers the necessary shock absorption to prevent the onset of shin splints.

How to Cure Shin Splints

If you find yourself in the unlucky position of suffering from shin splints, and you’ve already thrown out your old or ill-fitting footwear and replaced them with professionally fitted men’s running shoes, there are still other things you can do to alleviate the pain and ultimately be rid of the condition. Such measures include:

Properly warming up before high impact activity exercise

Thorough stretching during the cool down phase of your run or workout

Building up strength in the shins by flexing the muscles (done by pointing the big toe upwards, holding it in that position, then pointing it down towards the ground. Repeat 12 times on each foot)

Scale back the intensity and frequency of your training

Incorporate other low-intensity forms of training into your routine, such as swimming and cycling.

With these points of consideration taken on board, combined with the right men’s running shoes, the pain and discomfort that comes from shin splints should become a thing of the past.

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