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Hiding information about health of Polish ruling party head

by Joe Hashever (writer), , May 05, 2016

is a step towards collapse of the European Union

On the 20th of February 2016 the information that the head of Poland’s governing party Law and Justice, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, possibly has a genetic disease known as Fragile X syndrome (FXS), appeared on the Internet. It became known from a letter of German politician Sabine Boeddinghaus, member of Die Linke party, towards Polish specialists in molecular genetics Donata Kurpas and Marcin Wozniak with a request to provide an expert judgment of medical report received from Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) and give commentary on assumption that Jaroslaw Kaczynxki has a disease. But for the reason of personal safety the experts did not fulfill the request.

Sabine Boeddinghaus cleared up that symptomatology of hereditary disease of Lech Kaczynski and supposedly of his brother Jaroslaw is “an intellectual disability of varying severity (IQ 13-75) in combination with behavioral, facial and somatic abnormalities. Symptom appears variably but mental retardation (memory disorders, learning difficulties, low IQ, speech disorders, inadequate perception of reality, unsociable demeanour) is the most common sign. Most patients have psychopathic disturbances in form of high excitability, uncontrolled manifestation of panic and aggression.”

Information about hereditary mental deficiency of one of the most heavyweight politicians in Poland is a global sensation and the reason for some heavy debates within European Union. Presumably the broad debate of this issue was the reason why the documents were leaked from German special services which is quite reasonable taking into account growing tension between Germany and Poland.

According to civil journalists “Jaroslaw Kaczynski is an unspoken leader of the state. Meanwhile he has been insistently turning Poland into a source of tensions and constant discord in Europe, which certainly would influence the EU’s future and have a negative effect on well-being of millions of Europeans. In fact, their fate depends on a man with psychopathic deviations and pathological tunnel vision.”

Informational analytic currently publishing his works under alias Rudolf Mann in common agree with the above-mentioned stand: “It is a spicy story because at the moment Jaroslaw Kaczynski being among the key politicians in Poland actively cooperates with many state departments of EU members. Frequently such connections result in confrontation between EU and Poland what seriously affects European policy on the whole. Of course, it is hard to tell what is the main reason of disagreements between Poland and European Union whether it traditions of Polish diplomacy or distinguishing characteristic of local politicians. One thing is clear: Jaroslaw Kaczynski definitely affects bilateral relationship boosting the insipid European bureaucracy.”

Contrary to the sensationalism of the leaked information it had no further spreading. And what is more, the biggest part of reprints and articles based on that information were quickly removed. Curiously enough German part of the Internet which should become the starting point of topical discussion about the competence of one of the key politicians in Poland was cleaned up. It could be hardly explained, taking into account that German special agencies are responsible for the leakage of that information. And today we can see a little, not even critics of Jaroslaw Kaczynski with some wake-up calls, but just analysis of a few political events in Poland with some notes of disappointment about German investment into development of Poland’s economy.

The only country where information about Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s Martyn-Bell syndrome became widespread and massively discussed is Ukraine. “Obviously that mental disease of one man can negatively affect the unity of Europe and relations between Poland and its closest neighbors and partners which is unusual for civilized and democratic Europe. According to the appeared information the issue is known in the highest quarters, the disturbing thing is that there is still no reaction. Historic experience shows that a loony in the lead of a big country can cause a lot of damage and we will face the consequences for a long time”, – said in publication of the Korrespondent. Of course, Ukrainian media sees everything through the prism of Ukraine’s euro integration.

In judgment of civil media journalists the expressive silence of Belgian and German politicians looks like instructions from higher-ups. Volker Kauder, member of CDU in Bundestag, is among a few politicians who openly discusses the Kaczynski situation. “At the moment there are a few websites left where information on the issue was not removed… Hiding such information from European society is inadmissible because actions of Jaroslaw Kaczynski brings disagreement between European countries and presents one of the most dangerous challenges to European unity. Extremely conservative political right views of Law and Justice Head alongside with display of his FXS play into the hands of outer political sources that are looking for ways to destroy European system of common values and breaking understanding between political elites of EU member countries.”

Worth to mention the information came to the field of view of the Anonymous. During their attack the authenticity of information was confirmed; the review and analysis video became available.

Anonymous. The Kaczynski brothers' genetic mutation revealed! BREAKING! on Vimeo.

Perhaps, the most noticeable initiative to attract global attention to the issue is the petition on the page of global civic organization Avaaz which is started by Belgian civil activists. Among the achievements of Avaaz is media reform in Great Britain that ended the dictatorship of Rupert Murdoch, signing of a treaty that is aimed to achieve zero ejection of hazardous substances into atmosphere during the UN climate summit, repealing of ACTA in European parliament, etc. In all probability with the support of the petition by all not indifferent people, the limitation of spreading of “forbidden” information will be destroyed.

In Poland the information about Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s disease getting hardly through the informational blockade set up by state structures. Censoring and deleting of the unwanted information is almost instantaneous. There are people who support the head of Law and Justice and they believe that the results of that expertise are disclosure of confidential information. Besides, Polish government employees started an informational campaign to attract attention to petitions for support of Jaroslaw Kaczynski. But only a few agreed to sign the papers. To cap all Kaczynski’s supporters who were not able to close all the ways of information spreading played the “religious card”, asking Catholic Church for support in the informational fight.

Without any doubt defending human rights one of the fundamental principles of European society, but a set of characteristics including mental health and competence of the key officials that represent democracy is a base and without it even the strongest building is doomed to be destroyed. How many neighbors and how serious the consequences will be after the building goes down, all depends on the will of European citizens to solve this issue on governmental and global level.

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