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Getting Your Child Excited About Sports

by famousbloggerq (writer), , May 03, 2016

Inspire your child to benefit from sport activities

There are lots of reports these days about how people in general just aren't active enough, and this is leading to all kinds of public health issues. As well as very visible problems like obesity, which can cause psychological as well as physical issues, the sedentary lifestyles of many Americans are causing us to experience muscle weakness, early aging and heart problems. Children, too, are far less active on the whole than they should be for good health, and so as parents, it is important to help them develop an enjoyment for physical activity that will not only help them stave off early problems like childhood obesity, but will also set them up with good habits for adult life.

Some children naturally love expending energy and doing sports, but for those who prefer stiller activities like video games and reading it can be hard to get them to embrace running around and being athletic. Here are some ideas to help you get your child excited about sports:

Get Them Inspired

For many kids, having a sporting hero to try and emulate or to fantasize about playing or performing like can be what drives them to do more sport and helps them find fun in physical activity. Try watching a lot of sport with them or taking them to sports events. Something like seeing a great athlete live can really capture a child's imagination, and lead to a lifelong love of the sport. Equally, a child who doesn't really enjoy any of the sports they have tried at school may develop an interest in a more unusual sport if they have watched it done at a high level, for example in the Olympics where they have everything from martial arts to water sports.

Talk About Sport Positively

When you are trying to encourage your child in other areas like their academic studies, it can be easy to play down sport as a less mental thing. However, make sure you always talk about exercise and sport in a positive way, rather than as a hobby that distracts some kids from their school work. Physical health and vitality is just as important for a child – or an adult – as knowledge and academic abilities, and excelling at a sport can actually give some educational and career benefits, like sports scholarships from – that aren't available to everyone.

Set a Good Example

It is one thing telling your child how important an active lifestyle is and trying to get them into sport, but if you don't do anything yourself, they will question it. The first people kids try and emulate are their parents, so make sure you make time for sport and exercise in your life and show them that they make you feel happy, positive and healthy too. If you are not currently very fit, this can be a good talking point, and you can start trying to improve your own fitness, letting your kids see exactly the kind of changes being active can make first hand.

Getting kids excited about sport is really just about exposing them to a lot of positivity around different sports and allowing them to experiment with them until they find activities they love.

Bring out the fear of Injury
One of the reasons due to which kids avoid sports is the fear of injury. Injuries are part of every sport and they are bound to happen to every person participating in sport, whether he/she is a kid or adult. We must encourage our kids by sharing inspirational stories. Along with inspiration, kids injury prevention is a real concern too. You should always make sure that your kid is safe while playing any sport. This can be ensured by making sure a medical fractioned is near them in case of emergency.

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