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Urban Survival Skills: A Guide for First Timers

by FuntSamuelMastery (writer), , April 29, 2016

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Survival in urban environment

How to survive and what skills do you need in urban environment.

An urban neighborhood, a city if you may, is a great place to live in. You have almost everything within reach but the experience can be daunting to someone who's going to live in the city for the first time.

Urban Survival

Much like surviving in the wilderness, there is a set of urban survival skills that one needs to master in order to survive the city.

Going Around

The first thing you would want to do, if going to an urban environment, is to find out how to get around from point A and point B; and if you’re not fortunate enough to have a car (or don’t believe in owning one) then public transport is the best way to do.

Reading Public Transport Maps

Bus and train schedules and maps are available in any local transport office and they are often annotated with station markers and drop-off points. Use a mapping app to get a general idea of where you will be heading and cross reference that with the schedule that you have. Most maps and stations would have directional aides and informational advertisements as well.

Hailing a Cab

Gone are the days when you can just whistle and a cab will stop in front of you, waving your hands furiously won’t cut it as well. There are several taxi service mobile app available and the service they provide is as good as any cab. These services would have transaction records as well which makes them a little safer.

Pedal Power

If you are an advocate of clean and renewable energy, there are some cities that do provide bicycle rental service and it is a quick and easy way of getting around without the extra costs and without depending on routes and such. Most rental companies would require an ID and small fee, and some would have a mobile app that can tell you which bike kiosk has an available bike.

Stay Connected

One of the most important things to do while in the city is to make sure that you are always connected and ready to take any call, any time.

Getting Free Wi-Fi

Internet access is rarely free and telecommunications companies offer too high a premium to get connected anytime. Good thing that there are ways to get free access. You can go to a known establishment that offers free Wi-Fi to customers like malls and coffee shops. You can also check with your provider if they have kiosks that offer free services. Probably the worst case scenario is that you would be tethering your phone to act as a modem.

Keeping Gadgets Charged

Battery life has always been an issue with modern gadgets and it is important to keep the juice up and stable with electronics. The best way to do that is to invest in a power bank.

Keep your gadgets charged

A power bank is a device that you can charge and then plug your gadgets in. The smallest power bank can charge a mobile phone three times before running out of juice.

How to Survive Without Internet

This can be a post-apocalyptic scenario for some but you can live several days without connecting to the web. Although there are some services that can still be available to you without the internet like SMS services that can be found using specific codes. It’s much slower but it does serve the same purpose.

Keeping Safe

The city is a scary place to live in and there are malicious elements out there waiting for you to become vulnerable. The trick to it is to avoid looking like a victim.

Avoid Being Mugged

It’s all about the walk. Studies have shown that fast and confident walkers are the least targeted individuals as their stride implies high energy. Avoid wearing flashy clothes and jewelry as these attract eyes the most. Keep everything simple and do not flaunt your phones while you walk as well.

Shake Off Stalkers

Probably one of the worst feelings in the world is having this sense that you are being followed. It feeds paranoia and it can be debilitating to the person being stalked. Fortunately, you can easily shake off anybody following you by crossing the street multiple times (if possible) and then entering a public area like a mall or a restaurant, somewhere people are in and can act as witnesses.

Surviving in an urban situation is similar to surviving in the wilderness. The risks are greater though and you would not have control over the actions of others. This urban survival guide tackled the basics of what you need to know before moving into an urban area and there are several references and mobile apps that can make things easier for you.

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