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How To Access The Router With Default Username & Password

by Jennifer Winget (writer), , April 29, 2016 is an IPv4 or private address which is mostly used by many cable modems and routers as the default address. The major routers using this address are westell, cayman, Thomson and 3com rou

This fourth version of IP is the first protocol which is widely used by the router manufacturers. Private address range is invented because of the limited availability of addresses in this fourth IP protocol. Router users have to remember that these private address ranges are non-routable. This means they will not run outside the network. Users can change this default internet protocol address on their router to other IP address from private range according to their needs. People can use the private IP address in their local network, but before that they have to ensure that the local network is connected to no other router with the same IP address. In that case they will have to encounter IP conflict issue.

Router brands using this IP address

The procedure to login to the administrative console page of router is same in most of the cases. Users have to type the default internet protocol address in the web browser. When the login or administrative window appears they have to provide the username as well as password of the router. Here are some of the router brands which use as its default address. People who are looking for the router’s default username and password can find the login details here.

    ·Even though the default login IP of 2wire router brand is, the router settings can also be accessed through the address gateway.2wire. When the login or admin console panel appears they can try the following details to access the router settings. The username is admin and the possible passwords are admin and wireless.

    ·Billion router models are also using this IP address. People using this address can try getting access to the router with the username admin and password admin.

    ·Netopia router models have a high security level by making the router password of new models with the serial number of router. People using older models of router can use admin as the username and admin or 1234 as the password.

    ·Thomson routers are also known as Technicolor routers and they use as the default gateway. The username of this router is administrator. The possible passwords for accessing the router are connect2th, blank and the router’s serial number.

Using these login details people can change the default IP of the router as well as the network name. If they want to add the security of their network, they can change the default login details to new and strong username and password.

Why is not working

Sometimes people find their router not responding when they want to make any changes in the router settings. There can be several reasons for this issue. First thing people have to do is to confirm if the private address of their router is They have to check the cables as well as other network drivers to look for possible damages. It is important to check if the local area connection is properly configured. Here are some of the things people must try before they call someone for help.

    ·People using wireless routers have to ensure the signals are stable and strong.

    ·They might change the router settings accidently. So, they have to check the router setup to ensure if everything is ok.

    ·Make sure the firewall settings are right.

    ·It is very important to type the address in the web browser correctly. Sometimes users may type I instead of 1. So, they have to ensure that they have typed

    ·They can try resetting their computer as well as local area connection.

    ·Make sure the cables connecting the router and computer are connected.

    ·Make sure the connectors on wired cables between the router and computer are in good condition and connected properly.

    ·Try to reset the router to its default settings so that you can use the known default password and username to get access to the administrative console page.

If these tries fail, people can call a technician for help.

How to access the router’s admin page

Once you have found the router’s IP address and default login details you can start accessing the router’s configuration page. If the IP address is, you have to type http:/ in the address bar of any web browser and hit enter. This will bring a admin window with two mandatory fields as username and password. Then you can enter the username and password on the appropriate fields and get access to the page. You can change security settings, internet connection setting, username, password, IP address or any other router settings as you wish.

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