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Top six interview questions recruiters should ask!

by Sheharyar (writer), , April 26, 2016

“Interview is most important when hiring employees but are you asking the the right questions to know about the candidate?”

No doubt an age old hiring practice but it goes on; interview is the most crucial aspect especially for small businesses where all hires must be luminaries. Irrespective if you see yourself as a great judge of character, investing time and effort into the interview session and plotting questions before the candidate arrives is significant. Doing so would help you accurately measure potential to hire one against another lest there’s any shortfall.

Besides the usual and rather “dumb” questions such as tell me about yourself, focus on what you actually want from the session. Doing so would help producing relevant questions. Here’re a few which you as a recruiter should really ask the prospective employees!

1.Why the particular role & what change can you bring to it?

This is rather a standard interview question geared towards asking potential candidates about their respective designation, their understanding and skillset whether it fits perfectly. You’ll actually observe the depth and carefulness in preparing interview queries. It’ll also reveal if the applicant conducted research about your company, products and services. The best should be able to determine key elements of the role, skill comparison and how previous job experience come in handy!

2.What would be the preferred work environment & culture that motivates?

Now this is important! Not only the question would reveal about the applicant sitting in front of you but also illustrate if he’s going to fit in with the organisational culture and environment. If for instance you seek a team player but the candidate right in front of you is timid, uncomfortable working with others or prefer isolation from the rest, he’s definitely a bad fit! Remember that everyone has a varying temperament especially when it comes to work and if a candidate agrees to fit in every environment, he’s probably lying but again, don’t take any decision on mere hunches.

3.Describe the relationship with ex-colleagues, clients & managers

With each question, interviewer drill deeper into the person which is an excellent approach to hire the right staff after thorough assessment. In the meantime, querying about previous employees, managers and interaction will help determine candidate’s behaviour and whether he’s easy to reason with. This is important as short-tempered individuals lacking patience and willingness to handle pressure can be a serious threat to peaceful work environment.

4.A serious barrier between goal achievement

The question would illustrate applicant’s way of dealing with pressure and workplace problems in a constructve and optimistic manner. It’s like a small test to see where the candidate stand, knowledge of particular field and dexterity. This’ll also give you an idea as to how candidate view the barriers and whether he accept responsibility when the time comes along with active interaction among the colleagues.

5.Most prominent corporate achievement in a simple way

If the interview is for a technical job, the question would represent aspirant’s communcation skills within and outside the immediate circle. Does he only speak in jargon? Is he unable to communicate information with others outside the department? This would help determine if individual can cope with versatile environment and a diverse workforce that don’t share the common language.

6.One professional situation you didn’t hold well

A well prepared candidate would be able to deal with this question more easily and if their response is ruffled, you’ll immediately identify about him lacking too much exposure or experience to a certain thing.


A recruitment company know that you seek candidate who can admit mistake and take responsibility for failure if any so make sure the above criteria is met!

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