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What Does Your Computer Avatar Say about You?

Credit: Virginia Kahler-Anderson, aka HomeRearedChef
A personal favorite avatar.

What does an individual's avatar say about them? Whether it be a digital photo or a cartoon or illustration.

An avatar is a real life digital photo or any graphic image (cartoon or otherwise) used to create an alter ego—an image or illustration meant to represent you. It is commonly seen alongside a user’s post, for others to easily recognize the owner/author of that post. Therefore choosing the perfect avatar, the ideal picture, certainly goes a long way in establishing a connection (a one-on-one feel) with the reader/visitor. So what does your “computer avatar” say about you to others?

I have used many photos of me in the past, and each one lends a different feel about the person that I am. Some of my pictures have shown me younger, some have shown me to be older, in some I appear “unapproachable,” while others I am thought of as nice, sweet, and friendly.

Many blog posts share real-life digital photos; others still post a graphic image/illustration (often putting the Author of that blog incognito). Hence we create a personality in our minds—even form opinions—based solely on that avatar. Some of those formed ideas may go something like this:

Of a digital photo, we may see: a lovable and sweet and/or kind person, motherly, fatherly—family oriented—attractive, polished, educated, self-important and even stuck-up.

And of a cartoon or illustration, here’s what we might see: fun, daring, scary, artistic. We’ve often thought of the cartoon/illustration clearly to be in-hiding, perhaps someone afraid they won’t be liked, that they will be judged badly based on their appearance. Obviously each has a reason to have chosen something other than a real photo of themselves.

So we may or may not click with these individuals unless we create an opportunity to establish a common rapport.

Then, of course, we hope to form a second opinion; we hope to find a clearer depiction of who they are. Usually that will only happen after we have had the occasion to interact on-line for a while. But sometimes we also learn that photos can be very deceptive about a person! And that goes without saying.

Without meaning to insult anyone, in truth, many of us will typically “judge that book by its cover,” therefore, and sadly, first impressions are important to us.

Have you ever judged someone based on their computer avatar?

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