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Sounding the hills with Jazz

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, November 02, 2007

A musical retreat awaits seekers on a Jazz Journey at the "Jazz at the A Frame" high in the Hills of Hollywood, CA.

The rejuvenating getaway highlighted Greg Poree, a versatile and moving Guitarist, Patrice Rushen - an incredibly innovative Pianist, Paul Cartwright - Jazz Violinist, David Leach - Percussionist, and Kenny Wild - Bassist.

The musicans refreshed as well as set ablaze our spirits with splendid selections of Straight Ahead, mixed in Brazilian, then added acoustic flavors, brushed with the Blues and a classical piece turned on its revolutionary head with a jazz groove. "Bach Menuett au Poree". The living room was filled with nodding approvers.

The spirit and harmony between the musicans was one of complete unity as they communicated with their instruments, bodies, souls, and wooed the audience in the magic.

One could not escape the feeling of elation, excitement, and oneness as we were basking in Jazz.

Our hearts beat rhtymically with the quintet on "Lullaby at Birdland" and "My Favorite Things". We were serenaded on "Autumn Leaves". But it was Greg's lovely and convincing tribute to his wife that we fell head over heels in love "Phoneix Drive". His beautiful arrangement could make anyone blush.

Patrice Rushen's passion and roared as well as lulled the entire audience to the brink of euphoria.

Paul Cartwright, Jazz Violinist was nothing short of superb drawing ooohs, ahhhs, smiles, and loads of applause after each stunning solo. Where...did you find some of those chords???

David Leach, on percussion took us on a Jazz excursion that left the planet with an embodiment of rhythm like no other. Whether accompanying or on his own solo, he continued to take you to a higher place.

Kenny Wild's bass soared along in perfect time and accented every song. He was nothing short of spectacular in his approach to standards and new pieces such as "Bring It On", "Mind Set", and "Fresh Air" by Greg Poree.

Betty Hoover is the coordinator of this beautiful musical event that occurs in her living room on designated Sunday afternoons. Each time a different group comes to share beautiful Jazz selections.

The afternoon can be summed up as music, caring, friendship,food, creativity, and inspiring connection. For this is most candid description I can give to this experience. it is far more than a concert.

A 3 hour sanctuary of pure soul and a priceless haven of Jazz articulation.

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