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Men Threatened by a Woman’s Success and Intellect

A smart and successful woman shouldn't be a threat to a man.

Not always is a “successful” woman appreciated by her partner or husband when she may hold a better position and make more money than he does. It takes a secure man to emotionally handle being with a woman that is highly educated and more successful, and consequently has a greater income. And it takes an even greater man to support her morally and unconditionally.

For a woman that has achieved success and position it means that she has educated herself and used her abilities to the fullest—to do all and be all... It doesn’t mean that he is a lesser man nor should he feel that he is.

Yet so many men will pass up a good woman, giving up the chance for a great relationship, simply because they have allowed themselves to feel threatened and emotionally inferior. But a man that is threatened by a woman’s success and intellect only shows that he is insecure, and even shallow.

There are certainly many couples today that have built a very strong, healthy and long-lasting relationship by just accepting that he and she are simply doing a job they are each happy in, though he may work a blue-collar job—a construction worker/builder—and she a successful M.D. or high-up the ladder Executive making dollars in the six-figures range. These couples have learned to accept what is and be happy; in doing so they’ve made a success of their marriage.

A terrific example of this would be Julia and Paul Child. She was the face of the show and he was the drive in the background that made it all happen. In the beginning most people didn’t know Paul Child unless they were intimately involved in the books and shows and working alongside. And he was obviously happy for her success, which was really their success.

Sadly, other couples have parted ways because a husband could not accept and would never be happy “carrying her suitcases.” So it is very sad, and wholly disappointing, to say the least, when a man is outwardly jealous of his partner’s success and thus the reason that ends a marriage.

When a man cannot accept that a woman, too, can be successful, that she, too, can be the greater provider, that we be equals in the workforce, it sets us all back from the progress we’ve been striving to make; it forces us to keep living in the shadows of “the dark ages.”

We dream a life to be; we live to dream that life! (vka)

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2 comments on Men Threatened by a Woman’s Success and Intellect

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By Barbara MacDonald on April 13, 2016 at 09:23 am

Right on Virginia, I totally agree with what you say in this well written article. It takes a man who is secure in his self to be with and appreciate a strong successful woman. And together they can take on the world and set a wonderful example for any children they chose to have. The world today is composed of so many different kinds of families, times are a changing....>)

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By souschef on April 15, 2016 at 12:27 am

Me personally, I don't think a guy should feel threatened by a successful woman. I don't see it.

Nice bit of writing.

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