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Tasmanian Food Tour - Best Restaurants In Hobart

by Delan Cooper (writer), , March 28, 2016

Hobart is one of the oldest capital city in Australia. There are so many places to eat for foodies. Here is a list of the top five restaurants you should not miss!

Pigeon Hole

Pigeon hole's 5-star reviews seem to be growing ceaselessly, proof that this award-winning café has permanently burrowed into the hearts of hungry Australians. The coffee is among the best in town but customers are learning there is so much more to experience in this budding restaurant. Walking inside feels like stepping into a 19th century trading post, but it simplicity is part of what makes it so attractive. Finished wood panes lead the way into a home-style dining area, where customers eagerly wait to be served. The atmosphere is so unique that newcomers to the area can't help wondering about the food. Fresh breads and pastries stare at you through glass cabinets while decorate jellies and spices seem to decorate every corner. The chalkboard hanging on the wall displays current specials and promises fresh produce.

Shoebox Café

If you've ventured down Elizabeth street, you may have noticed the lines, and the cluster of people seated in yellow, tufted chairs in front of a large glass pane. Shoebox café is a tiny restaurant that has been causing quite a stir among the locals in Tasmania, and many have begun to regard it as one of the greatest little restaurants in North Hobart. Locals are falling over the latte, and visitors are gathering in droves to sample the fresh sandwiches and cakes. Even with outdoor seating, the atmosphere is more intimate than some people are accustomed to, but that hasn't stopped the lines from spilling out the door.

Me Wah

Hidden among the clutter of businesses in Magnet Ct, unsuspecting visitors will find Hobart's premier Chinese Cuisine. Open since 2007, Me Wah's Hobart location is the restaurant's second, and it has been a thriving part of the culture throughout its nine years of business. Inside, the restaurant transforms into a sanctuary decorated with antique style furnishings, crisp table cloths, and a wine rack stretching across a long corridor. Drizzling entrees and desserts appear rich and vibrant against classic white platters. The menu is traditional in its selection, but the chefs favor a creative and modern approach to their style and delivery. The duck is a fan favorite, prepared with beautifully glazed edges, and roasted and served in four mouth-watering portions. Me Wah is one location tourists will want to add their lists.

Ristorante De Angeloit

If you're looking for co-founders, Angelo Fraraccio and Marco Caporelli, you may not have to go very far. They have been spotted in the trenches of the restaurant's dining area, waist deep in pasta orders. Some people are calling it the best restaurant in Hobardt. For over 20 years Ristorante De Angelo has strived to deliver the best pasta Tasmania has to offer. With the exception of the wine and ice cream, everything on the menu is made fresh daily. It's one of the best places to eat in Hobart, and the cottage style, all brick exterior seems appropriate since many customers feel slightly reminiscent of home when they walk through the restaurant's single, wooden door.

Cultura De Expresso

It's one of best places in town to grab breakfast, but if you ask around, you'll find that it is something different to each customer. To some it's a coffee shop while others may appreciate the expansive bar. Regardless of what time of day it is, Cultura Expresso Bar and Grill has something for everyone. The one thing that customers seem to agree on is the friendly service. And the food is pretty good too. If you are looking for a Hobart seafood restaurant, try the prawn and smoked salmon.

Visitors to Tasmania can go on day trips around town to find amazing cuisine. And if you are looking for a great place to have dinner in Hobart, many the best restaurants can be found in the most surprising places.

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