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Is The Ancient Grain The Secret To Controlling Your Appetite

by EvlinSymon3 (writer), , March 17, 2016

How Barley Is Helpful For Weight Loss
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After reading this article, we could all agree that it would finally be the time to start a new better diet, and give that ancient grain barley a try.

Many of us tried all kinds of healthy diets and products, so we can control our appetite and successfully lose some weight, only to find out that it had a minor effect on our bodies. But the secret of weight loss comes in a form of an ancient grain, barley. Barley has many healthy properties and can surely help you in controlling your appetite and losing weight, while at the same time it can prevent some medical conditions from developing. These properties and healthy effects it has on our bodies are:

It boosts the person’s metabolism

Lowers the chance of a heart disease

Lowers the chance of developing diabetes

What we will talk from here on, is how actually this ancient grain can manage to do all of that, and what studies approve of barley as such a healthy grain. Also, we will compare the effects it has on our body and how successfully it manages to control our appetite, to the effects of some modern products for weight loss.

What Exactly Is This Ancient Grain?

Barley is more ancient that you could have ever guessed. It is said that this grain is one of the first, maybe even the first ever of the cultivated grains, being first cultivated around thirteen millenniums ago. Barley can speed up your metabolism; prevent heart disease and more thanks to its healthy properties, and to the increase in production of a certain good gut bacteria. There are a few healthy diets involving barley, but if you don’t want to try them, you could, at least, try to eat for a change some of the barley based bread.

Studies Which Show How Barley Helps Us Loss Weight:

1. How was the research conducted?

Lund University located in Sweden did research to see how exactly can barley help you control your appetite, and the study was published later on in British Journal of Nutrition. The study involved a couple of adults, from which half would eat only white bread during the day while the other half would eat barley based bread. The research lasted for three days, and what they found out was quite astounding.

2. What was the conclusion of the research?

They found out that the persons who were eating barley based bread not only had an improvement in their metabolism, but they would also have a decreased level of blood sugar, and insulin. On top of it all, they could manage their hunger much better than the group which was eating only white bread. They would also have a healthy increase in production of the gut bacteria called prevotella copri, which would lower our chances of a heart disease, and diabetes.

How Good Barley Is Compared To Some Of Weight Control Products:

1. Are Weight Control Products Good?

It’s generally hard to compare barley to some of the today’s’ healthy products. For example Plexus Slim greatly affects the rate at which we lose weight and can affect our bodies in plenty of helpful ways, but it still can’t compare to the effects barley has. More and more people recently switched to barley-based diet, and they had reported great improvements. It’s not that the products are bad; it’s just that some people want to eat simply healthier food.

2. What Makes Barley and Other Fiber Based Diets So Good?

And it’s not just barley; a lot of high fiber-based diets can help us with controlling our appetite and giving us that feeling that we are full and can’t eat anymore. By having that feeling, we would naturally have no need to increase our intake of food. That and the increase in the speed of our metabolism is what can help us lose weight in a more and healthier way. But like said previously barley is the most helpful since it will also decrease our blood sugar levels, and increase the production of the prevotella copri, which will result in the lower chance of heart disease and diabetes.


So, while we slowly come to the end, what have we learned about this ancient grain? It’s medically proven that it can help you control your appetite, reduce your weight, and decrease the chance of some of those previously mentioned diseases from developing. Also, even though some of the super juices for weight loss we talked before can be quite helpful, barley still has more healthy properties which help our body.

After reading this, we could all agree that it would finally be the time to start a new better diet, and give that ancient grain barley a try. We are sure that you agree with us when we say that the age of barley had come again.


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