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What's going on with T.I.

by Scented_Roses (writer), North Carolina, October 26, 2007


Well, It looks like Clifford Harris is still in jail. I wrote him a letter to see if he would respond for further updates and I am still waiting for him to respond. I feel that this isn't going to go away.
I see this case as being long and hurting a lot of fans and family members in the process. It's going to take a damn good lawyer and a lot of faith to get him out of this slump.
I have been checking the news to see any updates and there aren't any to my knowledge. I guess the judge is still deliberating on the proposal. Hopefully this misfortune will soon be a thing of the past.
Anyways to all the T.I. fans please keep him in your prayers and show as much support as possible.
I will be looking forward to him being exonerated for all charges but it will surely be a miracle if this happens.
Until next time this is scented_roses signing off.

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