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8 Ways DIRECTV Internet Has Impacted Off-Grid Living

by famousbloggerq (writer), , March 07, 2016

Do you feel the influence of DIRECTV Internet in your lifestyle?

There is a growing trend among literally tens of thousands of people who are taking a step back from society, for reasons of their own, and simply want to live off grid. With as little as a solar generator, a camper and a few amenities, it is definitely possible to fly under the radar for years, only coming up for supplies. It’s like living in another dimension and a big part of the reason why this is possible is because of satellite access to the outside world. In fact, you can click here to see why DIRECTV Internet has made such an impact to off-grid living and then take a few minutes to check out the following information.

1. No Need for Hard Wiring to Access the Internet

One of the real benefits of subscribing to DIRECTV Internet is that you don’t need to have your home hardwired to a telephone or cable line. If you have a generator (of any kind – solar, gas, diesel or biomass) to keep your batteries charged and power going to your base camp, you can connect to the Internet via your satellite dish. Because of the advent of satellite communications, it is possible to stay connected to the outside world twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, without ever leaving your off-grid compound.

2. DIRECTV Internet Gives Access to News & Sports

There is also a growing population of preppers. Whether or not you subscribe to the belief that a time is coming when you will be safer living off-grid, it’s still nice to know you can access the news 24/7 when living far from society simply by connecting to all those cable news networks at their websites. You can watch live sports events on ESPN or view live newscasts on many of the popular networks. You may need to pay an annual subscription price but that rate would be much cheaper than even cable television!

3. Provides Entertainment without TV or Radio

Speaking of live sportscasts and news programming, it is also possible to watch movies, television shows and listen to your favorite recording artists via satellite DIRECTV Internet. Sites such as Netflix and Hulu offer full seasons of your favorite TV shows as well as many popular movies and even originals not found elsewhere. Then there is Pandora for the music lovers and when all else fails, connect to YouTube to see videos of your favorite performers that have been uploaded by fans or published by the entertainers themselves.

4. Instant Access to Weather & Road Conditions

When you are ‘stuck’ out in the middle of nowhere it is often hard to tell what is going on with the weather and road conditions if you need to go somewhere. When living in town you have neighbors and friends who pop in to chat for a few minutes and invariably the topic of conversation will turn to the weather. This is especially the case during hot summer months or cold, snowy winter months. Without the benefit of well-meaning friends showing up unannounced, you might be in the dark if a major weather event is headed your way. A good example would be the recent Pineapple Express weather systems that hit northern California and southern Oregon. Those apprised of the upcoming event were able to prepare but anyone who didn’t stay tuned to weather information had no clue they were in for a week-long very, very wet weather event.

5. Makes It Possible to Work without Leaving Your Property

Some people work online and so have no need to go in to the office ever. From writers to marketers, they never really need to see any other people other than through a virtual connection and with satellite Internet, it is possible to carry on a lucrative line of work even from a remote location. Living off-grid does have its advantages when you are looking to leave the hustle and bustle of the world behind and if you need to work, satellite Internet offers the perfect vehicle.

6. Enables Students to Study Online

College kids often find it ‘cool’ to live off-grid and sometimes they are doing so as part of a research project. If you take online classes you could access everything you need without ever leaving your project. Whether you are living on raw land to complete a master’s project or simply find it cool to live in a primitive situation, there is no reason to leave school behind. That education will pay off in the future so continue classes just as you would anywhere else.

7. Keeps You in Constant Communication with Family and Friends

Satellite Internet makes it possible to connect with family and friends on social sites or through email so you never need to lose touch with them. Of course you can always text message from your cell phone but when it comes to sharing pictures, the data used will most often go over your plan, costing you an arm and a leg. With satellite internet you can connect via Wi-Fi and never use a single gig of your carrier’s data.

8. Allows for Remote Security Monitoring

Finally, one of the absolute best advantages of having DIRECTV Internet is having the ability to set up web cams to continually send pictures in real time to your phone. Remote security monitoring allows you to watch your property and ensure that it is safe during your absence. Remember you are living off-grid and anything can happen. You will undoubtedly have expensive equipment on your site so by setting up a remote security system you can keep an eye on your property while you make that run into town for supplies.

All of these things would never have been possible if satellite Internet had not been invented. Now, in the 21st Century, you can live off-grid with virtually all the amenities you would have in a town without the noise and confusion of living amidst a bunch of noisy neighbors. You don’t need to be a prepper to live off-grid, but even if you are, you still need to stay in touch and this is exactly how you’ll do it.

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