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The 5 Most Popular Water Sports to Enjoy in Hawaii

by famousbloggerq (writer), , March 07, 2016

What do you usually liek to do at your vacations? Think of water sports!

Whether you're planning your first trip to the Hawaiian Islands or you're returning for some more fun in the sun, one of the biggest attractions Hawaii brings to the table is its sparking coastlines. From the Big Island itself to the shores of Oahu, the beaches and oceans give just about anyone the chance to have day after day of leisure, entertainment or exercise. Many people travel to Hawaii to take part in the many different water sports its climate provides. For your next trip to Hawaii, you'll want to consider enjoying one or more of the five most popular water sports anyone can partake in while visiting.


Perhaps the most popular water sport of them all, surfing is a major past-time on the Hawaiian Islands. Not only do people visit Hawaii to take advantage of its world-class surfing spots, but surfing is a major daily activity for many who live here. The coasts of Oahu are perfect for surfing and offer plenty of unique opportunities for novice, intermediate and expert surfers. With year-round opportunities to catch some waves, you'll be able to enjoy the tide any month of the year.

Scuba Diving

The clear water, shallow drop-offs and abundance of natural marine life all make underwater exploration a prime activity in Hawaii. Many people flock to Oahu, Maui and other locales for some of the best scuba diving in the world. Whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned expert, PADI instruction on how to properly dive in all types of waters is available for anyone willing to take the plunge. With plenty of tubes, caverns and lava formations to explore, you'll never grow bored.


Despite the volatile conditions that make surfing a major past-time in Hawaii, there are plenty of gulfs, beaches, lakes and inlets where kayaking is a real possibility. One of the most popular water sports on the islands, you'll be able to find some exceptional kayaking opportunities along the picturesque rivers and gorges inland. Likewise, you can take to the open ocean at various points in and around the islands for a less claustrophobic kayaking experience.


Deep sea fishing is a very popular activity that many people from near and far come to the islands in order to enjoy. On the Big Island of Hawaii in particular are many deep sea fishing opportunities, with many of them situated in and around Kona. It is here that you'll be able to go out on an expedition to find the popular Pacific Blue Marlin. In addition, you'll be able to fish for sailfish, swordfish and dozens of other unique fish that you won't find anywhere else in the United States.

Submarine Excursions

If you really want to explore the depths of the Hawaiian oceans without having to get wet, up close and personal with it, then you'll want to consider chartering a trip on a submarine to explore your nearby surroundings. There are many submarine rides that will take you more than 100 feet below the surface of the ocean in order to explore the natural marine life and geology of the beaches and oceans around the islands.

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