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5 Remedies To Brighten Your Dark Elbows

by barbara mory (writer), , February 18, 2016

brighten dark elbow

Having dark elbows can be embarrassing. Fortunately, you can use home remedies that work well in the elimination of the dark elbows.

Having dark elbows can be embarrassing. Furthermore, it can prevent the use of sleeveless attire for the shame of being seen or watched. Darkened elbows may result from some factors. First, skin ageing is one reason. We cannot blame for these. Other causes of the same include pigmentation and the dead cells on the skin. The darken elbows portray the skin as having a tone that is uneven. Unfortunately, even the strongest creams may not remove dark elbows. Even skin lightening creams cannot eliminate the dark elbows for you. Going for the most expensive products may not even be the solution. Fortunately, you can use home remedies that work well in the elimination of the dark elbows. Therefore, do not give up that easily, you need to be patient to restore the color and the beauty of the elbows.

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice according to research is a solution for various skin issues. The properties of the fruit make it ideal for use for brightening the ark elbows. The fruit works well and even better than the bleaching agents. It is also natural and thus has no side effects. Rubbing lemon regularly on the darkened part of the skin can be effective in eliminating the darkness to restore brightness on the skin. Rubbing also works in giving the elbows a color that is even to the rest of the skin parts. After using lemon for rubbing the elbows, you need to let it stay on the elbow skin for about three hours. Later, you can rinse the area. While washing use warm water and ensure to moisturize after washing. The lemons can cause skin dryness and flakiness. Repeating this as many times as one can in a day is essential for ensuring effectiveness of the remedy. Lemon is an effective natural skin brightener.

2. Heavy Cream and Turmeric

This one also works as a bleaching and skin brightening agent. At the same time, it works in providing skin healing effects. One needs to first boil the cream. After this, mixing with turmeric is essential. You can also use or add a spoon of Besan (Gram flour) to the mixture. You then need to massage the area that is affected in circular but slow motions. After massaging, you need to wash and rinse the elbows. The skin may look a bit yellow due to the turmeric. In some days however, the color fades away and disappears. You can have this done on the elbows each day for effective and quicker results.

3. Baking Soda and Milk

Milk is famous for dealing with the pigmentation on the skin. Traditionally, mothers encouraged children to use milk while bathing. There is lactic acid in the milk this is crucial and works well and effectively in reducing pigmentation. It is also useful in correction of uneven skin tone. While the milk does this, the baking soda works in dead skin exfoliation. Make a paste like mixture ensuring that the milk added is enough. You should then scrub this mixture on the darkened elbow to correct the problem. On scrubbing, ensure to wash off the paste from the elbows. However, baking soda can have some abrasive effects on the skin. Therefore, reduce the number of times this is done. You can decide to do it twice in a week.

4. Yoghurt and Vinegar

Vinegar also lightens the skin. When mixed with milk or yoghurt, the lactic acid adds to the skin brightening properties. Mix the yoghurt and the vinegar in the ratio of one is to one. Ensure the two form a paste that is uniform and consistent. On preparation, apply on that affected areas while you rub in motions that are both slow and circular. After leaving for about 30 or 40 minutes, ensure you rinse and use a good moisturizer.

5. Aloe Vera

This causes skin brightening effects naturally. It is safer compared to the use of bleaching creams and agents. It also helps in maintaining a moisturized skin all the time. It helps in the repair of skin that is damaged as a result of skin exposure. Use the gel freshly taken from a leaf. You then need apply and rub the areas affected. It should stay on the skin for about 20 or 30 minutes. You can repeat the habit twice or even thrice in a day. The remedy is effective and helps in skin toning.

All the remedies are all natural and are therefore safe. They have no side effects. However, some of them may have drying effects on the skin. One requires moisturizing the skin after use of the remedies. It is vital and crucial to prepare and use remedies as per directions. Regular use of the remedies helps in faster and easier restoration of a bright skin including the elbows.


In a nutshell, the remedies are effective for brightening the skin. Most of the mentioned remedies provide skin bleaching effects. It is essential and crucial to know how to mix the ingredients for the preparation of the remedies. Notably, use of moisturizers is necessary after making use of the prepared pastes. Also, too much skin scrubbing can be harmful and cause dryness or flakiness.


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