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Benefits of Rock Climbing

rock climbing

Rock climbing is an activity that involves people trying to climb up walls or rocks. It can also involve movement down or across a rock using your hands and legs.

Rock climbing is an activity that involves people trying to climb up walls or rocks. It can also involve movement down or across a rock using your hands and legs. Here, you will be aiming at reaching a certain place, following a redefined route and without falling. It is majorly meant to test a person’s concentration levels, their balance, strength, endurance and control. Frequent climbing has been known to have numerous benefits that range from health to social and finally, mental ones.

Height Phobia

However, most people still do not participate in this game mostly due to fear. These people (and you if you fall under this category) feel that this activity should only be carried out by crazy people. They cannot seem to understand how such a terrifying and life threatening activity can lead to something beneficial. It is this fear that makes the miss out on the following benefits of rock climbing.

1. Strengthening muscles

During this activity, all the main muscles will be put under a lot of pressure. The muscles of your hands will be trying to hold on to the hooks as those on the legs work on your balance. This means that all your weight will be placed on these muscles at different intervals thus registering as stress. It is this stress that will force your muscle to get stronger and bigger.

2. Burning of excess fat

As you rock climb, your rates of metabolism will be increased tremendously. Your body will be in need of lots of energy to keep you going. This energy will be derived from the burning of the calories you have stored as excess fat in your body. Thus, it will serve as a way for you to cut down those extra kilos that are weighing you down.

3. Higher levels of concentration

Now, rock climbing is not an activity you can pull off with your mind miles away. This is because it involves you making calculated moves that will land you on the support hooks. One wrong move can leave you sprawling on the ground. To master it, you will need to have all your concentration on the wall. By the time you are done, you will have learned to keep your mind on one point for a few minutes without its wandering off. This is why rock climbing is viewed as a form of brain exercise as it helps nurture concentration in its participants.

4. Increased flexibility

To take part in this sport, you will need to be flexible. This is because it usually involves you moving your hands and legs to lengths that are a bit long. This is in the attempts to get hold or step on the next hook. To make these moves, you will need to move your body parts at different times e.g. you may first move your left leg, the right and then pull yourself upwards with your hands. As you do this, you will be stretching a lot. It is this stretching that will help make you more flexible. Now, am sure you know at least a hundred reasons why you need to be flexible.

5. Relieving stress

During the rock climbing activity, you will be required to uphold maximum focus and concentration. When this happens, you will be able to run away from your life’s worries at least for a while. It will, therefore, help you get rid of any negative thoughts.

6. It exposes you to beautiful scenes

Even though this activity can be done indoors and with the same results, it is better off done outdoors. This is because when you do this in the open you will be able to enjoy the beautiful views. Most areas where rock climbing is done are usually full of world animals and beautiful birds. Therefore, if you do it outdoors then you will be able to kill two birds with the same stone: exercising and site seeing. I hope you know that a breathtaking site can help strip all the stress and anxiety from your mind.

7. It helps in problem solving

Now, rock climbing takes more than just muscle movements. It needs you to have a proper plan in order to make the best move that will propel you and not one that will leave you stranded. As you try to unravel this mystery of the ideal steps, your brain will be learning how to tackle issues. This is a form of brain exercise that will in the long run improve your brain’s functioning.


Apart from being brain racking and strenuous exercise, rock climbing has numerous benefits. Participating in this sporting activity will leave you healthy both bodily and mentally. This is because it will help you lose the extra pounds, strengthen your muscles, relieve stress and improve your brain functioning. In essence, it is one type of exercise that will improve all spheres of your existence.


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