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5 Ways to manage Joint Articulation's Problems

by barbara mory (writer), , February 16, 2016

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Most people do not realize amount of stress and pressure that the joints are being put through on a daily basis. Only when they start experiencing severe joint pain, they regret not taking care.

The human body is not made like a machine, and yet many people neglect to provide the necessary attention that it deserves. Majority of the people take their bodies for granted and only learn to appreciate its importance in times of physical injury. While the human body goes through a similar process of wear and tear as compared to machineries, it does not share the same privilege in terms of restoration works.

Faulty machine parts can be changed and it will resume its normal functions. In contrast, once an individual suffers any form of physical injury, it is highly unlikely to make a full recovery. Injured parts will heal on the surface, but internally, the range of functions become restricted. Moreover, humans are susceptible to the natural aging process which weakens each body function as time passes.

Joint Articulation, Its Problems and How to Manage It

A suitable example is the joint articulation of the human body. Most people do not realize the amount of stress and pressure that the joints are being put through on a daily basis. Only when they start to experience severe joint pain, then do they regret not taking care of their body.

The human joint is utilized in countless of ways and it is the cornerstone of the normal range of movements. However, prolonged use of the joints eats away the cartilage and causes extensive damage due to the presence of friction. This form of damage is presented in the form of discomfort and pain. This is why joint injuries are common among professional athletes; they require more cartilage to compensate for the excessive use of their joints.

In addition to the wear and tear effect, humans have to go through the natural aging process as well. As the body starts to age, the bone structure deteriorates as well, leaving the joints more vulnerable to injuries.

Given the multitude of factors that can cause joint pain, health experts have devoted much of their time to discover effective methods to help individuals achieve joint pain relief. While many treatment methods are available to help those with injuries to their joints, health experts also advocate several preventive measures that can help to improve joint articulation and avert joint pain. Listed below are 5 of the most effective ways to improve joint articulation.

1. Maintain adequate weight

The dangers of being overweight have been widely publicized and it comes as no coincidence that obesity increases the risk of joint injuries. Having excess weight puts more emphasis on the knee and ankle joints, as these joints are responsible for supporting the entire body. As a gauge, scientists have shown that every additional kilogram gained multiplies the burden put on the knee joints by 8 times. Fortunately, the same equation applies when it comes to losing weight, further emphasizing the need to stay within the healthy weight range.

2. Stock up on calcium

Calcium is the primary element that can help to strengthen the bones significantly. By increasing calcium intake, it helps to ensure that the bones are reinforced, limiting the chances of joint pain in the future. For a start, individuals might choose to satisfy their calcium requirement in the form of supplements. However, by switching over to healthier choices such as kale, salmon and yogurt can have other health benefits as well.

3. Comfort over fashion

When it comes to choosing apparels, most people would focus on the outlook with no consideration towards the level of comfort that it provides. As long as it improves the individual’s personal image, it is worth buying. It must be stressed that a comfortable footwear not only protects the legs from external threats, it also provides adequate protection to the joints. A comfortable pair of shoes reduces the impact levied on the joints. This is part of the reason why people can walk further distances in sports shoes, simply down to the higher level of comfort and protection that it offers.

4. Change the diet

While the preference for coffee has been on the rise, it should be noted that excessive coffee intake has a negative effect on joints as it weakens the bones. In contrast, most fishes contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which helps to reduce inflammation and ease the discomfort in joint pains. Individuals should make the necessary changes in their dietary plans in order to reduce their risk of joint issues in the future.

5. Don’t be stationary

Contrary to popular belief, less usage of the joints does not protect it from injury. Instead, physical inactivity has the potential to cause more harm to joints are prolonged periods of unused can lead to stiff or brittle joints which makes them more susceptible to harm. This effect can be easily countered by simply taking regular walks in the park.


Although the elderly group and professional athletes are at higher risk of joint issues, the general population should be educated of the importance of joint articulation. Being proactive in this aspect can help to prevent future joint issues and save individuals from suffering from great discomfort. While the suggestions above are not comprehensive, they are adequate enough to help individuals get a head start in providing more care towards their joints and avoid future inconveniences.


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