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Free The King of the South!

by Scented_Roses (writer), North Carolina, October 23, 2007


As many of you already the know they got the king in the pen over alleged gun charges. T.I. was denied bail and is now sitting behind bars until his upcomming court date which will decide if he will receive a bond.
Why is this happening? T.I. is not a flight risk and I seriouslsy doubt he will flee the country. This aspiring rapper needs to be free so that he can continue to make an impact on the community and help others. I have to say he was set up and its not fair to continue to look at a persons past and judge them for their future. He is not a killer. He is a citizen like everyone else and deserves a fighting chance to prove his character. "Let him go". He can do no good behind bars. I support T.I. 100% and hope to see him be free of these barriers that are preventing him from being a productive citizen.
I now find myself questioning if this is truely the land of the free.

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By El_Che on December 19, 2007 at 01:09 pm
Why decry the plight of a fool who made his own decisions and now must face the consequence? In 1998 he was convicted of drug charges and due to that conviction he is not allowed to posses firearms. I don’t necessarily agree with the law, but why did T.I have over 10 firearms in his home, one of them an ak-47 and two AR-15’s while attempting to purchase more military type firearms and a silencer? A handgun, is generally considered, a weapon for personal defense but military type weapons are designed for offensive operations in order to kill your enemy before he gets a chance to kill you. I doubt you would be so apologetic if he pointed one of those weapons at you or one of your loved ones. T.I. had an opportunity to shape his own future and become not only a Grammy award winning musician but also, as the co-chief executive of Grand Hustle Records, a leader in the music business. No one forced him to buy the weapons and whatever malicious intent he was planning does not deserve our pity. Taking him off the streets probably saved the life of an endangered species of youth; the young black male.
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By Annonymous on December 19, 2007 at 01:33 pm
You have made some good points however as a citizen of the United States of America where does it say that one cannot collect guns. Clifford Harris has a right to own anything he wants. If he wasnt famous would it still be put in the public eye or better yet if he was apart of the government and possessed such weapons would we even know about it? Answer those questions.
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By El_Che on December 20, 2007 at 03:16 pm
As a convicted Felon, Federal law states that you DO NOT have the right to own a gun. In the State of Georgia, you are also disenfranchised, effectively stripping you of your constitutional rights to both bear arms and vote. Georgia also has the “3 strikes and your out” policy of dealing with felons, and Clifford Harris now has 2 strikes. It is a sad state of affairs when you can serve your criminal sentence and attempt to integrate into society, to only to be branded a felon for the rest of your life, while having your rights as a citizen stripped from you. With over 2 million prisoners in our Jails, and black males making up around 40% of the population, they are loosing their rights and few people have any pity for the felons, many of whom are repeat offenders. We need prison reform in which prisoners who will be released back in to our society can be re-educated and given a chance, while the hard-core criminals with no remorse or benefit to society should be locked up perpetua.
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By El_Che on December 20, 2007 at 03:37 pm
thats bare arms...not to be confused with smokey the bear...
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By Scented_Roses on January 07, 2008 at 11:49 am

Well what can I say the world is no longer a democracy. It's like you get a deck a card and each one is played and renewed 365 days of the year. No one can predict the outcome of their life they can only cater to each card and try to make the most ethical choices possible. Some people learn from their mistakes and others let their mistakes in life ruin them forever. I think a mistake is well lived when you can learn from it and make your life better. Who can say what is right these days with all the things going on in the world that we may never hear about. I cant say with assurance that the world is right when my heart tell me that it isn't. again I will say you play the cards you are dealt and hope you don't die eternally for the choices you make.

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