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Are You Washing Your Face All Wrong?

Washing Face

Your face is the center of your beauty and calls for maximum proper care. Washing your face is one of the basic ways of protecting the beauty of your skin.

Your face is the center of your beauty and therefore, calls for maximum proper care. Washing your face is one of the basic ways of protecting the beauty of your skin. It enables you to get rid of the cover of dirt that can clog the skin pores. Leaving your pores clogged could lead to the acne outbreak, something that most teenagers are struggling with. A layer of dirt also prevents the appearance of the younger growing layer. This makes your face look dull and old. However, washing your face the wrong way is even worse. The following are the mistakes that you could be making while washing your face;

1. Over washing

Washing you face regularly is the most recommended practice for skin care. However, most people work too hard towards perfection. In the long run, they end up over washing their faces. This strips the face its natural oils and leaving it pale and dry. Dryness makes the skin vulnerable to wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore, avoid over scrubbing your face and washing it more frequently. Washing your face twice a day on a normal day is enough to keep it clean.

2. Using hot water

Sometimes you might be tempted to use extremely hot water to clean our faces. The oily skinned people are most of the people who often commit this mistake. The assumption that the hot water can easily dissolve the excess oils and leave you with a normal skin is the main motivating factor. On the contrary, hot water dissolves more than enough oils on your skin leaving it dry. In addition, it increases the dilation of the blood vessels. This makes the skin redden giving it a very unpleasant appearance.

3. Cleaning with a wrong cleanser

What you use to clean your face especially the chemicals really matter. Our faces react differently to different substances. There is no point where a substance will be declared suitable for all the face types. For instance, cleansers vary according to the face types. There is a specific cleanser for dry, oily and normal face. The degree of sensitivity of your face also determines the cleanser. Soap is not the best substance to consider as the best cleanser; specific cleansers are what you need. Be careful when choosing your facial cleansers to avoid damage.

4. Over exfoliation

Exfoliation is the removal of the outer layer of the skin to pave way for the younger growing layer. The older layer contains a layer of dirt and dead cells hence; exfoliation forms a major part of washing. Exfoliating is one of the best things that you can do to make your skin as beautiful. However, overdoing it is such a great mistake. It leaves your skin with a thin layer of protection making it more vulnerable to infections. As you exfoliate, avoid using very complex chemical substances that can result to over exfoliation. Exfoliating using a washing cloth is also one of the causes of over exfoliation.

5. Using dirty wash cloth

Wash cloth can be the major source of bacteria and infection on your skin. When you use your face cleaning cloth and fail to clean it properly, using it in the next washing can be very harmful to your skin. Sharing washing clothes is also another unhygienic practice that most people are also trapped into. To avoid all these, wash your cloth properly after using it to clean your face. You can also consider rinsing before using to get rid of any substance that can cause infection. Finally, sharing should never come into your mind.

6. Using wet wipes

Using facial wipes to clean your face when you are tired in the evening is better than sleeping with makeup. Facial wipes contain chemicals that are used to preserve them that when left on the surface of the skin can cause rash outbreak. This is something that you may not have been aware of. After wiping off the makeup on your face using wipes, rinse it with warm water to remove the chemicals. Water is a substance that has no negative effects on the skin unless used in excess.


Our skins are the center of attraction. Unpleasant skin destroys the general beauty of an individual. Proper care and hygiene is recommended to maintain it. Washing is among the hygienic practices and when over done, it can cause more damage. Avoid over washing and make a proper selection of the facial cleansers for acne skin that you use. Another way of making your skin beautiful is through a proper diet and keeping it moisturized at all times. In addition, massaging with the natural organic oils also boosts its appearance. It is upon all of us to make our skins pleasant.


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