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How to Put Together a Care Package for a College Student

by Rip Van Winkle (writer), , February 11, 2016

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Care Package for a College Student

So let me guess, you have a kid in college that you want to send a care package to, but you aren't sure what to put in it?

Well, am I right or am I right? Fortunately for you, you came to right website! Read on to learn how to put together the perfect care package for your college student.


What is something that you, me and 99.9% of the human population have in common? We all like receiving money! Let's face it, every college student would love to have a few extra bucks to buy themselves a nice meal. Give your child the gift of free choice by putting money in the care package. I won't promise you that your student will use the extra funds to buy a new calculator; but I promise you that this gift will be appreciated. If sending cash isn't your thing, gift cards work well too! Try sending gift cards to general stores such as Walmart, Target or Amazon as these stores are well stocked with miscellaneous items that your student will inevitably need. Remember, variety is the spice of life!


To nobodies' surprise, by mid-semester the cafeteria food that your student said they enjoyed in the beginning of the year has become the cafeteria food that is the national stereotype: bland food. That being said, any proper gift package should be well stocked with food. You know your student best, give them they're favorite treats and they'll be thanking you from the rooftops.

Family Photo

Assuming that your student isn't extremely homesick and a photo from home wouldn't send them over the edge; placing a family photo in a care package is the perfect sentimental gift. Let's face it, knowing that you are loved is the best feeling in the world. A simple photo from home is a great way to remind your student that their family is thinking about them.


Toiletries are gifts that everyone needs but people seldom exclaim that they need them. Save your college student the hassle of rolling up their toothpaste into a coil to get the last drop and send them much needed toiletries. Not only will toiletries keep your student clean, they will arguably be the most appreciated and well used gifts in the package. I recommend calling ahead and asking your student what he or she needs.

School Supplies

I'll be honest with you, I borrowed your student's pen and never gave it back. The scary part is at least 7 other people did the same thing! In college, you can't have enough school supplies. That being said, stocking the care package with very basic school supplies is a good choice.

Seasonal Items

Hey, what do most college kids need in the fall /winter? Hats and gloves! Hey, what do most college kids need in the spring / summer? Glasses and sunscreen! It doesn't take a Vermont law degree to know that sending seasonal items are perfect compliment to any respectable care package.

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