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Top Fresh And Effective Writing Tips

by LysaLove (writer), , February 11, 2016

Do's and Don't's writers and students should be familiar with.

How many articles dedicated to essay writing are still available on Internet! And how many of them are written by laymen and amateurs from high school. The same thing happens to online essay writing services that are so popular in today’s digital era! Students decide to buy an essay in order to get powerful writings but, actually, and, mostly, don’t satisfy with the results.

The only solution is to produce essay independently. How to do it and how to avoid tricky pitfalls – get from this article!

When it Comes to Crafting Your Essay, Don’t:

Start Writing Immediately

Essay writing is not a race, so no need to rush through it. A simple essay is a kind of research as you often require additional information, besides your personal experience and knowledge got in classes, to reveal a topic.

Therefore, ensure that all additional information relates to your topic and will help to reveal it. Make sure it is powerful enough to support argument and fulfill it with substantial thoughts and ideas.

Talk like You Talk to Your Mates

Always mind the language of your essay. Even if it doesn’t require strict academic language, don’t feel free to use jargons or colloquial language.

Overdo with Special Tricks

While students want to make their essays more attractive, they start reinventing a wheel and filling it with complicated unnecessary facts, words, constructions, idioms, jokes, funny life situations, or quotations. Learn how to study smart instead of studying hard!

Knowing when to stops is a perfect skill for everybody from every field. Therefore, make a stylish essay – laconic but substantial at the same time containing tiny brilliant highlights.


This part requires no comments as everything is clear – spend more time and produce unique and outstanding essay or pay for professional writing help and again get unique and inimitable paper.

Give Your Essay without Editing

The biggest problem that still happens – after some students finish the draft, they immediately send their essay to their professors or close copybooks and go out. False! Editing and proofreading are essential stages of essay writing process that allow you to fix inaccuracies and see errors. This step saves your priceless grades. Flawless paper is always better.

When it Comes to Writing Your Essay, You Should:

Generate Ideas

Even when a topic seems easy, don’t ignore this step. The more interesting and original ideas you will generate, the more attractive your paper will seem.

Thus, use brainstorming method – recall the topic and try to come up with as many ideas as possible. Don’t focus on their reliability – chose the best one at the end.


A vice versa section for the first step. Conduct a thorough research to know your topic flawlessly and be ready to formulate powerful arguments and supportive evidences.

Mind the Structure

Your essay must have particular structure – it organizes your thoughts and makes your writing solid. Start from wide known “introduction, body, conclusion” structure.

Formulate Introduction Right

Your introduction should contain not only a brief presentation of you topic but also a thesis statement – your key idea that you will prove or disprove. Otherwise, the audience won’t understand a goal of your writing.

Write Main Body First

While introduction is the first part and most of students start essay writing from this section, main body requires particular attention and should be written first. This tip is good because if you start from main body, you will clearly know how to write your introduction and conclusion. You will be perfectly familiarized with your topic, so outlining thesis statement, goal, methodology, findings and conclusions won’t be a problem.

As you see, essay writing is not a commonplace as it may seem on the surface. Therefore, lots of students and writing experts keep on dedicating their time to helping others in paper writing. Hopefully, this article revealed everything you need to know about writing process.

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