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Try This Green Smoothie For Quick Weight Loss

green smoothie for weight loss

Green smoothie is a form of naturally made supplements that when taken on daily basis can help in weight loss. The smoothie should be rich in nutrients help in body building and boosting immunity.

Green smoothie is a form of naturally made supplements that when taken on a daily basis can help in weight loss. Such smoothies help you feed in healthy ways since you are required to avoid junk and any other food that contains fats. These smoothies have high fiber that enhances proper digestion and low in fat, hence you can lose so many calories in a short while. Fast weight loss can happen as long as you are obedient to the rules in the smoothie intake. The smoothie should also be rich in nutrients that help in body building and boosting immunity.

Weight Loss Smoothie Ratio

¼ cup of oats
A tablespoon of Chia seeds
2 pieces of fruit either an apple or banana
3cups of leafy greens either spinach or kales
2 litres of water
Protein powder

The following is how you are supposed to make your smoothie for weight loss

Use water or plant milk

Plant milk contains weight loss juices that help to promote a faster rate of calorie burning in the body by boosting metabolism and breakdown of fats for energy. Some sources of plant milk are almonds, coconut, hemp and cashew nuts. Avoid using milk or yogurt since they are animal products and are high in fat making you gain more calories rather than losing them. Add 3 cups of green leafs since they are capable of adding calcium to your bones making them stronger during the period of weight loss.

Include a pitch of healthy fat

Add avocado and chia seeds as in the ratios above. The fat in the avocado, chia seed or coconut does not make you fat but rather, it is very healthy and assists in weight loss. Avoid so many calories since they will prevent the process of weight loss. Do not alter the ratio given to enable you achieve the expected results. In case you depend on the smoothie, let yoga be an addition. There are so many benefits of yoga for weight loss making you fasten the rate you are supposed to shed the excess pounds.

Make the mixture sweet using fruit

Most green smoothies meant for weight loss are so bitter, but people take them as they are believed to work faster than the sweetened smoothie. There is no difference since both smoothies give you similar impact after the same period. The fruit will not affect the weight loss process rather, it will only speed up. Doesn’t it sound nice drinking a sweetened smoothie to get a smaller waist?

Use protein

This is protein obtained from plant that makes you feel full for a very long time. In case you are not capable of controlling the amount of food you take, this protein will make it for you. Overeating will not be one of the difficulties anymore. Cutting your meal portions also boosts weight loss.

Use it as a meal

It helps you avoid junks and other foods that are high in cholesterol since your focus will be on smoothie. Being your first priority, the smoothie will make you forget about any other snacks since hunger will not be occurring due to the satisfaction prompted by the quality protein. This will also speed up your weight loss speed because your digestive system will not be overloaded.

Take fresh whole foods

Fruits and vegetables have fiber and natural water that boost your metabolism making you remain hydrated all through during your weight loss journey. Canned fruit is not recommended because they are poor in nutrition and contain artificial sugars or chemicals that delay the weight loss process. The advice given is that you buy lots of fruit and vegetables that are cheaper in bulk then freeze them to be used for a long time.

Don’t over rely on green smoothies for weight loss

The green smoothie is not bad for weight loss but needs to be boosted by something else. This includes a balanced diet that will speed up the process of burning calories. You can take simple exercise that help in burning more calories. These exercises do not take much of your effort such as, walking, jogging and swimming.


The green smoothie is recommendable especially to those who have no free time for exercises. The people who are elderly can also use the green smoothies as well as anyone who feels exercise has no impact in their body. Fruits and vegetables are low in fat and high fiber hence recommendable to make the best smoothie for fast weight loss. A smoothie is easy to prepare and the ingredients as well are easily available hence, making it easy for anyone to use it. It saves time and doesn’t require engaging in vigorous workouts for you to see the results.


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