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Best Sports video games

by RichardsL (writer), New York, February 09, 2016

What are the best sports video games available on market today? Are there any other options besides EA games? Check my list and find out!

You don’t need to be on the “field” to enjoy sports. Virtual reality is more than enough! There are tons of sports video games out there, and as you know, most of them are EA (Electronic Arts) titles. We wanted to create a list that doesn’t have any EA sports games in it – we are already seeing them everywhere. Here is an “EA free” best sports video games list for you, enjoy!

5) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

This is a very nostalgic title, which reminds you of your childhood. Remember those golden days, early 2000’s? Well, the good news is nothing is changed in the series, the latest installment is just a version of the first title with improved graphics. The bad news is, nothing is changed in the series. In other words, this is still a glitch-filled mess with wonky controls. But, this is the “specialty” of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. They are filled with bugs, they are hard to play but they are unique and provide an entertainment which no game can compete. If you are looking for the “next generation skate game”, this is not it. But if you want to play the game of your childhood with improved graphics and new characters, you literally hit the jackpot.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 is released in December 2015 and available on PS4/Xbox One platforms.

4) Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

We love to have Pro Evolution Soccer series on this list. These series show that FIFA is not the only football game available around and EA is not the only company who makes sports games. Pro Evolution Soccer series is as ancient as FIFA series and there was always a competition between them. We can honestly say that the Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is the clear winner in this year’s competition. This is a much aggressive and faster game than the FIFA 2016, goals are more frequent, passes are clean and the pace of the game is unbelievably fast. This is an adrenaline filled football game and FIFA 2016 looks like a Frogger game when compared to PES 2016. PES is the official UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup game until 2018 and 21 stadiums in total are in the game.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is released in September 2015 and available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms.

3) MLB 15: The Show

If you are looking for the best baseball game, you have found it. MLB (Major League Baseball) 15 has everything you look for in a sports game: amazing graphics, a solid multiplayer option, a vast array of game modes and your favorite players. Developed by SCE San Diego Studio, MLB 15 already received lots of rewards and high scores from critics. If you are the proud owner of MLB 14, you can transfer all of your save files too. Yes, this is the best baseball game you can find right now with one single flaw: it is available only on PlayStation 3 and 4. This is a “Sony exclusive” sports game and we won’t see it on any other platforms – if you want it, you need to buy a console. Well, you were already going to buy one anyway, right?

MLB 15: The Show is released in March 2015 and available only on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

2) Football Manager 2016

This legendary series deserves to be on this list. Developed by Sega, Football Manager Series allow us to take control of squads from all over the world, decide who plays in a match and solve player problems for more than 12 years. This is not just a sports game, this is a “sports simulation” game. You are the manager, not the player. With two new modes and tons of additions to the series, Football Manager 2016 is probably the best “football simulation” around and the most complete version to this date. This is a complete and complex simulation, but it is friendly for beginners too. Definitely recommended to check out, even if you don’t like football.

Football Manager 2016 is released in November 2015 and available on PC, Linux platforms. (Yes, there is no console version and to be honest, there shouldn’t be.)

1) Rocket League

Rocket League can be summed up as “driving meets soccer”. Did you know that the first version of this game was released under the name “Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars”? Yeah, a silly name, but it also sums up the game pretty good. This really is a soccer game played with miniature cars and let us say that it is fun as hell. Really, this may be the most enjoyable game we have recently played and we are not just talking about sports games. Rocket League is the owner of many awards including the “Best Sports Game Ever” sold more than 5 million copies. Get yours today!

Rocket League is released in July 2015 and available on PC platform. (Console versions are in development.)

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