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Update On The Southern California Fires

by Ariel (editor), Venice, CA, October 24, 2007


You may have heard, seen, or even smelled it yourself- it's not news anymore... Southern California is burning!

Whether you live here, have family in the area, or are simply a concerned citizen, (and shouldn't we all be?), this should be of interest to you! The following are a few links to late-breaking news about the fires devastating the Southland:

Satellite view of the fires:

Zoom in and out on these images, updated daily by NASA:

Another high quality image of the hotspots:

Detailed information on how the fires affect the air quality in Southern California:

A great map by Google with all the information on the current state of the fires

Over a thousand pictures of the fires contributed by Flickr users:

The breaking news reports by the Los Angeles Times:

Please feel free to contribute with more links you may have regarding this travesty. Let us all stay informed and send our good wishes to the people affected by the crisis.

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2 comments on Update On The Southern California Fires

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By VeroniqueChevalier on October 24, 2007 at 02:49 am
Thanks Ariel. You must have ESP, as I was getting ready to search for info about the fires, since I lack (by design) a television.
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By Steven Lane on October 24, 2007 at 11:07 pm
I live on the only street in Simi Valley that was evacuated---My luck, but all is well and everything in back in the house.
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