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9 Down, 6 To Go..

by Hunter Addams (writer), Queens, New York, February 08, 2008


The race is shaping up to be another huge screw-job on the American people. All the same old players are preparing for the big home run of the new century.

So, who's left in the race? Romney dropped out today, claiming that staying in the race would make it easier for Obama or Clinton to win, even though he actually has more support from the Republican Party itself, as well as its traditional republican voters. And now Limbaugh and Coulter are pushing for people to vote for Clinton to keep her in the race, just so McCain can unite the GOP against her. Is this starting to seem like a set up..?

The Democrats have Obama, Clinton and Gravel, the Republicans have McCain, Huckabee and Paul. Lets go down this list.

The Celebrity, Obama:

Illinois Junior Senator, 2 best selling books, Grammy Award winner (yes, really), he is currently the only black Senator, member of the Trilateral Commission (his foreign policy advisor also created the Trilateral Commission along with David Rockefeller), and he's a big supporter of the New Deal. The New Deal which was created to get the U.S. out of the global recession, but kept it in the recession for another decade, all the while increasing the powers of the Federal Government. Coincidentally we are on the verge of another global recession.

He has been involved in a few scandals involving a real estate deal with a political fundraiser who was recently indicted for money laundering and extortion, as well as fraud. Obama is involved in an investigation regarding stocks he invested in, after writing legislation that would benefit some of the companies, whom also happen to be big contributors to his campaign.

Despite this, he has an ability to keep his nose clean, even though he's working and meeting with some incredibly unscrupulous people. So he's either a really good guy and is unaware of the position he's putting himself in (and the people who are helping put him there), or he's one of the dirtiest and he's really damn good at covering his tracks. Although, something does strike a few familiar chords in his speeches and slogans.

He reminds me alot of this relatively unknown Governor from Arkansas who ran his campaign on being raised under humble means, and pushing the "Time For Change" crap that Hillary is running on now. Both Obama and Bill being accused of being inexperienced (in fact, calling each other inexperienced at that,) add to that Clinton was one of the few people who were members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral commission and the Bilderberg Group, then won the election.

The Wolf in Sheeps Clothing, Clinton:

Former First-Lady, the Clinton Machine is back in full swing. She has her connections to Bush, The CFR, the TC, multiple scandals involving fundraising, voter fraud, a mexican drug trade, and she has said "no option is off the table" when it comes to dealing with Iran and other countries developing nuclear arms (even though the US has over 10,000 itself, costing upwards of $15 billion a year to maintain.) She's just another one of the long line of crooked politicians who have been destroying the sovereignty that built this nation.

She was a good 10-15% behind Obama in all of the pre-election polls, and now, she seems to be quite a bit ahead of him in most cases. Committee members and voters in a few states have complained about it enough that there have already been re-counts, to which Obama then conceded, and the actual election hasn't even begun yet!

The Bulldog, Gravel:

This loud, boisterous Alaskan Senator is always saying something thats upsetting a reporter somewhere. He has put many reporters in their place by saying outright that the mainstream news doesn't want to report on people like him, because they don't want to shake up the system that keep the press pockets deep and fat, in return they have created an almost complete blackout on Gravel. Do you know anyone who actually knows who he is?

He sas stated his intent to eliminate the IRS, and drastically change the Social Security system. Voted (way back when) to end the Vietnam Draft, fought (and succeeded) in passing the legislation which created the Alaskan Pipeline. He had over 4,000 pages of the Pentagon Papers published into public record, showing that the US deliberately extended the war in Vietnam, exposing alot of corruption in Nixons group. He is also a big supporter of Direct Democracy and the National Initiative, both programs which would completely overhaul the election and law writing process we have today, where the people would have more control over the laws, and representatives. This guy sounds like he may be the first good choice of the group.

The War-Monger, McCain:

This Arizona Senator wants to increase the military in Iraq (even though he had a different opinion not too long ago when he wanted to pull the troops back to the borders), and continue attacking a country that has nothing to do with the "war on terror." Used to critisize Cheney for claiming the war was going well, and, as luck would have it, now he loves the war and thinks it's going great. He's starting to sound like some well known Democrat who ran for president not too long ago and was attacked relentlessly for months after changing his views.

Admittedly hates "gooks" and will hate them until the day he dies. That being a reference to the "captors" who tortured him as a POW in Vietnam to get secrets from him. But our man McCain would never tell a secret and stood up to them, revealing nothing. Which is in direct opposition to the reports from other POW's who served with McCain, claiming they called him "Songbird," revealing anything to avoid torture. It has become well documented that McCain received better treatment than the other POW's he was with. I wonder how that might have happened..?

He was part of the "Keating Five" scandal, claiming he was there to ensure Keatings rights weren't violated and got a fair trial. Years earlier though, Charles Keating had been a big contributor and fund-raising partner to all 5 senators, including McCain who received over $100,000 in two senate runs. McCain took numerous vacations paid for by Keating over the years (at Keatings home in the Bahamas, no less.) Coincidentally, didn't pay Keating back for them until 7 years later, when he was required to disclose the trips during the scandal, and had to prove he paid for the vacations. When McCain was cleared of wrong-doing, he then "donated" all the money Keating raised for him to the U.S. Treasury. Smart move, get rid of that money A.S.A.P.

The Bible Thumper, Huckabee:

The Governor of Arkansas, also a Southern Baptist pastor, has come off as very genuine and honest, yet still has a few things up his sleeve. He was a supporter of George Bush and he ran fundraisers for Guiliani. During his time as Gorvernor, he was accused of mis-use of Governors Mansion funds, then upon leaving office he ordered the destruction of 80+ computers, and multiple servers which may have contained e-mails and memo's which may or may not prove the allegations. He is on Judicial Watchs' "10 most wanted corrupt politicians" list (coincidentally, so are Obama, Giuliani and, no surprise here, Hillary is #1 on that list.) And, am I the only one who is uncomfortable with a pastor who supports the war? I thought religious figures were supposed to practice and preach non-violent problem solving? Against gun control, and supports the death penalty. Here we go again with the violence..

The New Hope, Paul:

Well, people have looked, and dug deep. Theres no dirt on Pauls head. No flip-flops, no contradictions, no affairs, no indictments, no fraud, no secret societies, no globalist agenda, has never even voted for raising taxes or a budget that wasn't balanced, not even accidentally.. The closest thing to a scandal on his head were the Ron Paul Newsletters which had printed numerous articles which contained derogatory, racist remarks and comments. A few years ago, Paul spoke with "Texas Monthly" magazine, and took responsibility for the newsletter, and apologized for the articles. The worst part of that is, he doesn't even write the articles in the newsletter.

He's against big government, the IRS, Social Security, the Federal Reserve, and government spending. He hates the foreign policies which ave, time and time again, done nothing but started wars. Just like the other candidates he supports the death penalty, and is against abortion and gay marriage. Although, UNLIKE the other candidates, he believes these matters should be decided at the state level, not federal. Did I mention he's also a licensed physician, gynecologist, and was an Air Force Flight Surgeon? His donations have been getting higher and higher, raising more money in the last quarter of 2007 than any other republican candidate.

With all of this on his side, why in the hell is he not a front runner? Just like Mike Gravel, the mainstream media has all but completely blacked out Paul's existence. In earlier polls, his name would appear at the bottom of the screen in news reports, clearly showing him to be in 2nd or 3rd place. Yet, when the anchor speaks, and the big graphics cross the screen, Pauls name is dropped from the list.

The people in charge don't want change. They will give you a new face and a new slogan to chant, but its the same old re-gifted crap. Do you know why they do that? Because they know people will fall for it. As someone recently said to me when he said he was voting for Obama, and I asked "Why not Paul?"

"Pauls a good candidate, but doesn't stand a chance of winning. I don't want to waste my vote."

My response: That's too bad, cause you just did..

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