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How to Become a Successful Freelance Software Developer

Freelancing is the new exciting thing these days. The amount of mobility that a freelancer gets is much greater than the regular desk job. Moreover, in many cases,

The USP of a freelancer’s job is the convenience associated with it. One can choose to work from home or choose the work timings accordingly.

Many technology companies prefer Freelance software developers over the regular ones. Moreover, similar is a trend in most areas nowadays. This is due to a simple reason; companies have found that freelancers are equally good if not better at what they do and how they do it. Also, they do not cost the company as much as the one doing a regular desk job would cost. There are no fixed costs.

However becoming a successful freelance software developer for android is not a cakewalk for sure. It takes perseverance and discipline to reach to a height where you can be recognized for your work.

New freelancers could consider the following points before embarking upon the journey:

The portfolio

The outreach of the online portfolio is much more than the CV and the resumes could ever have. Clients spend a lot of time reviewing the profiles of the potential associate because of the money and time involved.

What they are looking for is quality oriented delivery. Indeed, no compromises there. Therefore, one must research well and spend adequate time in developing the profile and portfolio that stands out and speaks louder than a CV.

The Testimonials

When one completes any project, make sure that you insist on the client writing an appropriate testimonial for the work. However, make sure you do work that is worthy of asking for a positive review.


Many websites offer freelancing jobs to the freelancers. Try and explore at least the most popular amongst them. Also, always register on the local websites for a well-defined outreach.

Know the Technology

IF you need to be a successful software developer, make sure you can use various technologies like PHP, Javascript, XCode, HTML, etc. These days PHP technology is widely used for the web programming while Java is popular for application programming. Make sure you keep enough technologies in your kitty to satisfy the clients well.

Know how to market your skills

It's a race out there and, you have to stand out by running faster. For this purpose, it is important that you should market the skill sets that you have appropriately.


Freelancers do not live in a box. They do have a high skill-based social network. One must try and get into most of these meet-up groups and exploit the connections there.

Being well-networked helps and it goes a long way than most casual work relationships.

Finally, another truism in this field is the sheer amount of uncertainty involved. But, this must not deter one from going about it. Patience and confidence in one’s own abilities are necessary. The more expertise one gains out of this work; the more one will start earning.

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