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Psychic Mediums – Who Are They And What Do They Actually Do?

by famousbloggerq (writer), , January 06, 2016


What do you know about psychic mediums? Is that something interesting, curios or else?

Psychic mediums are known under many different names like spiritual mediums, simply mediums or intuitive mediums. No matter what title we use, all of these are quite the same thing, offering an emphasis on communicating with afterlife spirits.

Psychic Vs Mediums

It is important to understand what both psychics and mediums mean in order to fully understand the work of psychic mediums. The psychic is not necessarily the same thing as a medium but the medium is definitely a psychic. We need to completely understand this because most people will see the two as the same when the mentioned important difference does exist.

A psychic is going to connect with a person’s energy or with objects by sensing or feeling some elements of the future, present or past. To put it as simple as possible, the psychics will rely on psychic ability and intuition in order to gather data for the client.

A medium will take everything one step further. He/she will use intuitive abilities to see the future, present and past by simply connecting with spirit energy. That basically means that there is a process in which the medium relies on non-physical energy presence.

When You Meet A Medium

It is easy to take a look at the list of famous psychic mediums and expect them all to offer the same services. This is not actually the case. You will not find 2 psychic medium readings that will be identical. They are always unique. Everything that is presented is basically connected with:

    ·The spirit person

    ·The particular medium gifts

    ·The medium’s personality

Many of the mediums authorized by the American Association will discuss what to expect with the client before the session happens. Only after important facts about the reading and the style of reading are disclosed, a session can start.

The psychic medium does many things but what is really important is that a voice is offered for those that are in spirit form. During a reading you will end up hearing characteristics of the person in spirit.

Obviously, there are many fake psychic mediums out there. This is why the honest, real psychic mediums will offer evidence that the person contacted is actually the one that the client wants to talk to. Possible evidence presented about the loved one includes:


    ·Name of other family members

    ·The favorite food

    ·The way in which a person died

    ·Health challenges that existed

    ·A favorite pasttime

    ·How many children the person in spirit had

Psychic Medium Experiences During Readings

After death communications are normally referred to as mental mediumships. The loved one will communicate with the psychic medium, all possible through mental telepathy. The actual readings are going to be different, just as we mentioned above, but there are elements you should be aware of. Let’s say that the psychic reading puts someone in contact with John. The words used by the psychic mediums have meanings, like:

    ·Hearing John – this means that John speaks and the psychic medium hears. It is possible to hear John’s voice but in most cases people will hear their own voices, something referred to as mental telepathy.

    ·Seeing John – this practically means that the psychic medium sees John in the mind’s eye.

    ·Feeling John – in the event that John died because of a heart problem and the medium will say that he is currently feeling this, it means that there is a twinge felt inside the chest. Alternatively, a strong feeling that the heart problems existed can appear.

Top 3 Psychic Mediums

It is hard to figure out what the best psychic mediums are but knowing about those that are seen as being among the best will offer you some feedback into how to spot those that are honest and legit. Based on an analysis done by Psychic Medium, the top 3 psychic mediums are the ones below.

1.Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith is renowned because of his ability to express places, people and streets. He has written many different books, all becoming best sellers. You will often find him making public appearances around the world and even the Daily Mail sees him as the most accurate of all mediums that exist in the UK.

2.John Edward

John Edward (real name John MaGee Jr.) can easily be seen as a superstar of psychic mediums. He is renowned for his personality and the psychic skills that he possesses. You most likely heard about him without even realizing it as his series, Crossing Over, is quite popular on the Sci-Fi channel. He has made different accurate predictions about future events but is known to accurately communicate with those that died.

3.Theresa Caputo

Theresa Caputo is a really interesting case, being a person that has been communicating with spirits since the age of 4. After she turned 20, she started to learn exactly how to communicate with the spirits. Theresa is interesting as she did suffer from anxiety for a long time. She ended up meeting Pat Longo. She became a spiritual teacher for her and eventually got trained into become one of the best psychic mediums in the world.


As you can easily see, psychic mediums are really easy to be seen as frauds, all because of what happens and what information they offer. While there are many that are frauds, a real psychic medium will help the client in many different ways. Hopefully, you can use the information above and you did learn more about what it means to be a psychic medium.

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