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How to Reduce Food Waste? Read Here

by DanielSutton (writer), , November 29, 2015

Here we are sharing some of the important tips which can be followed to reduce the amount of food waste.

Food waste has become a major issue. In a survey it was found out that we throw away one third of the food produced for consumption. Less than a quarter of this wasted food is enough to feed 1 billion hungry people in the world. We are not only throwing or wasting food but at the same time we are increasing the amount of the one of the major solid waste component. Amount of wasted food can be reduced greatly if we, as individuals, make small changes in our lifestyles. Pick the tips from the below mentioned list and contribute your part to fight with the global issue of food waste.

1. Start creating a list of the necessary item before going out for shopping. Check what you have and what else is required then create a list and shop the meal as per the list.

2. Keep the “best before” date in mind to make sure that the items don’t pass their “expiry” date. Plan your meals wisely and use the food products on the first in first out basis.

3. Store the food products in the refrigerator as per the instruction given on the pack to increase the life of the food.

4. Delicious meals can be prepared using the leftovers. This way you can greatly reduce the amount of wasted food.

5. Use small plates when serving food to your family and friends.

6. Food products don’t last forever in the fridge so it is always advisable to plan your meals in advance.

7. Donate the excess food to the local food banks. This way you can help the community as well.

8. Dry and cooked food can be stored for an extended period using the food preservatives. Food decomposition can also be prevented using preservatives.

9. Food temperature measurement devices should be used to monitor the temperature of the food. This will help you in keeping the food safe and fresh.

10. Arrange the kitchen properly so that everything is within your reach.

Food temperature monitoring tools should be used when processing food to improve productivity.

Author Bio: Steve Collins writes on the behalf of McQueen Cairns, which is one of the leading suppliers of temperature control and monitoring devices.

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